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How Consultants Get More Clients and Increase Fees

I’m proud of the results the consultants in my Accelerator Coaching Program have been achieving. Here are just a few of the recent successes…

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How to Develop Your 3 Month Marketing Calendar: For Consultants

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90 days to success

I want to talk to you about a simple three-month marketing calendar that you can create that will have a profound impact on your business.


You see, when most people think about marketing calendars they think about these big, elaborate plans and what happens with those plans? Well, they spend a lot of time building them. They spend a lot of time preparing them. They spend a lot of time thinking through them but then what happens is they spend very little time actually implementing them.

In your case think about what your goals are for the next three months. Ask yourself what are the steps you need to take to get there as quickly as possible and then put a plan together.

There’s no point having a three-year marketing plan if you don’t know even what you’re going to be doing for the next three months, three weeks or even three days.

Right? You can’t get to three years if you don’t have clarity on the short term.

Start small, Think big

What I observe with my clients is that the value of having a three-month marketing calendar is incredible.

What you want to do is you want to think about what steps do you need to take over the next three months to reach your goals.

Start by thinking about your goals. Start by thinking about that end game or what you want to achieve during that period of time and even beyond that because your three month marketing calendar might get you part of the way to achieving the results that you want for your 12 month goals. Continue Reading

2 Common Consulting Proposal Mistakes And How to Fix Them

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Today I’m going to share with you two common mistakes that consultants make when it comes to consulting proposals, and what you can do to avoid them.

Mistake #1: You’re going about it all wrong!

The first mistake that many consultants make is misunderstanding the role that proposals play.

Make sure that there’s nothing really left for the buyer to consider, so that when they get the proposal, their job is just one thing: to say “yes,” or “no,” or “what can we do here?”

When I first started in the consulting business many years ago, I thought that a proposal was like marketing material – something that I needed to really demonstrate and sell.


I thought that I needed to do a lot of selling, promotion and convincing in the proposal, and so, I would send off these pages-long proposals, with all the information about my background, what we’ve achieved.

Clients never read through them, because that’s not the role of a proposal.

So what does a proposal do?

If you’re introducing new information in your proposal, then what you’re really doing is opening up the opportunity for a buyer to be surprised – to either really misunderstand what you’re trying to say, or to have a lot of questions that they’re not going to have the opportunity to have answered (or that you’re not going to have the opportunity to answer) right then and there.

The role of a proposal is simply to take what you and the buyer have already discussed through your conversation with them, and then to put it onto paper, in summary form that clarifies and confirms that you’re both on the same page.

The right way

There’s a very straightforward process in terms of how to structure your proposal. (We have this listed both in our consulting proposal guide, as well as in different articles throughout the site, but really what I want to focus on in this video here, is the importance of not trying to sell in the proposal, not trying to introduce new information.)

The proposal should only be sent to a client after they have given their acceptance. This means, when they have said, “Yes, I’m interested in working with you.” Continue Reading

How to Achieve Consistent Growth In Your Consulting Business

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The market doesn’t wait for you

I see too many consultants and business owners who think that if they just continue to do things the way they’ve always done them, that they’ll continue to see the level of success or results that they have in the past.

There is no standstill. You never stay at the same point that you are right now.

I can tell you from experience (having built successful consulting businesses for over 16 years) that that’s not the case.


Don’t hang your hat on hope

The most successful consultants, the most successful professionals are always working on taking their game to the next level. Because the moment that you stand still, the moment that you stop learning, that you stop investing in yourself and that you stop taking action is the moment that you go down.

Staying where you are, doing the same things, hoping that things will just continue the way that they’ve always been is called one thing: hope.

But hope is not predictable. Nor does it give you control.

Momentum = success

The moment that you stop investing in yourself, the moment that you stop learning, the moment that you stop wanting and planning to reach that next level, is the exact same moment that your competitors and the competition in the marketplace around you, decide to invest in themselves. Continue Reading

Package and Position Your Consulting Services to Earn Higher Fees

I want to share with you how you can package and position your services to increase your fees and earn more with every project you take on.

Just throwing it out there

I was recently speaking with several international tax consultants to look at getting some help in certain areas of our business. One thing that I saw consistently across the board – that I’ve seen with so many consultants – is that they just put out their hourly rate.


I had one international tax accountant tell me, “I charge $450. If you want to come in to talk about your issues, then we can do that. I lower my initial rate, my hourly rate for that first consultation but my fee is $450 an hour.”

What I mean by that is, that if you just stick to an hourly rate, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Now, to some people, $450 an hour might sound like a premium.

However, it’s actually not.

The trouble with numbers

What I mean by that is, that if you just stick to an hourly rate, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

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$450 an hour actually sounds like a lot. And for someone to actually make $450 an hour, to many people, that sounds like a big figure. But the problem is that when you just come out and say that your fee is $450 an hour, it doesn’t convey a lot of value.

It doesn’t really give you a compelling reason to buy from that person.

What I want to do is offer you a couple of ideas that will not only help you to earn higher fees, but also help you to win more business because buyers will see them as higher value.

In this case specifically, what could this international tax accountant have done?

Get more bang for those bucks

If you’re a consultant watching this right now, what can you do if you’re currently using an hourly fee? What can you convey greater value and win more business? Well, the first thing is to think about creating a program. Continue Reading

The REAL Number That Most Consultants Aren’t Talking About

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of people throwing out a lot of different numbers online. They like talk about how much revenue they’re making, how many clients they’re working with, and boast about big numbers.


But here’s what most people aren’t telling you:

Just because someone generates a lot of revenue doesn’t mean they’re actually putting it into their pocket.

And, if you’re like me, that’s what I care most about. How much money are you actually putting into your bank account? How much money do you actually have at the end of the day that you can use to do whatever you want with – to spend on your family, your spouse, your children, trips, friends or hobbies?

It’s not so much about just generating income or revenue, it’s really about having a consistent and stable business that not only generates good levels of revenue that allow you to do what you want in your life, but more importantly, that you’re able to take home a significant portion of that revenue.

The big question

Ask yourself if you’d rather generate a million dollars and see a five hundred thousand dollar profit margin on that (or even a six hundred thousand dollar profit margin)? Or would you prefer to run a ten million dollar business where you generate three hundred thousand dollars in profit?

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See, a lot of people aren’t telling you that just because they’re putting out big numbers, what they’re actually taking home from that is quite small.


The untold truth

Well, because many people do these big launches. They talk about how much they’ve sold of their product, their courses, whatever it might be, and what they’re not actually telling you is that 50 per cent and sometimes more of that revenue is generated through affiliated partners.

That means that they’re often paying those affiliated partners 30, 40 or 50 per cent of the revenue that they’ve generated. Continue Reading

How to Face Your Fears and Overcome Them to Succeed

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Hi, it’s Michael Zipursky again and I want to ask you a question – one that can have a profound impact on your life and on your business.  And that question is:

What drives you – what really drives you to do what you’re doing?


Why are you doing it?

As consultants going through our daily lives, working on client projects, prospecting – just working on growing your businesses, you will (like I have before) almost always face uncertainty.

You will stare fear directly in the eye and you will need to make a choice. You will either choose to let fear win and you will hold back taking more action. You will find reasons to delay. You will use any excuse that comes to you and allow it to pull back your progress.


You can make the other choice: which is to look fear in the eye and say, “Thank you, but no thank you. I’ll keep moving forward and I will keep taking action because that’s what will get the result that I want. That’s what will allow me to be successful, to reach that next level.”

You could be doing – and you can be doing – anything you want. That’s the reality. You’ve chosen to do what you are doing for a reason.

In times like this, when you are facing fear in the eye, ask yourself and remind yourself why you’re doing what you are doing and what (or who) it is that really drives you. Is it your spouse? Children? Is it your parents? Your community? Is it the legacy that you want to leave?

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Continue Reading

Consulting Business Model vs. Online Marketing Hype

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I just saw an ad on Facebook from someone claiming that they have the best model to help you get more clients and to grow your business. What’s the problem with that?


The Online Hype

The problem with that is that there are far too many people these days claiming that they have the best model to help you to get results. They tell you that you need to be on Facebook. They tell you that you need to be on LinkedIn; that you can only get the best clients through social media, or through webinars or through Pinterest or through some other type of tactic or platform.

Sure, it would be convenient to just tell you there’s only one way to do something and that my way or some other person’s way is the best way of doing it, but that would be untrue. That wouldn’t be transparent.

They say there’s only one way to do it.

In fact, this one person – whose ad and information I just saw on Facebook – said that you actually don’t have a business unless you know how to invest in advertising, and turn that advertising into a paying client.

They went as far as saying that if you don’t know how to do that – if you don’t take that approach to your business right now, then your business isn’t actually a business… Continue Reading

The ACTION Approach to Growing Your Consulting Business

Hi. It’s Michael Zipursky from Welcome back to the Consulting Corner, where consultants learn how to consistently attract their ideal clients and significantly increase their fees.


Today, let’s talk about information overload.

However, just learning more doesn’t ensure that you will actually be successful

Information overload affects far too many consultants. People often believe the more information they have the more successful they will be, and yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Success Is About Action

The more action you take the more successful you will be – but not just any action: the right action. With that in mind, learning is good. The more you learn, the more that you know, and that presents you with more and greater possibilities.

However, just learning more doesn’t ensure that you will actually be successful; what you want to do is learn more of the right information and then apply that information. And that’s where the action comes in. Learning by itself isn’t what is going to make you successful. It’s about learning the right things and then applying those right things and taking action on them that will actually make you successful.

The most successful people I know are always learning – but they’re also always taking action. Continue Reading