5 Sales Checklists to Help Make the Sale

Nothing worthwhile happens in a business without sales. A business isn’t really ‘a business’ unless it’s making sales.

Sales is probably the one area most consultants fear the most.

Many of us don’t like to think we actually need to sell…rather we market our way to new business.

The fact is, every one needs to make sales and it’s my hope that these 5 sales checklists will help you do just that.

30-Day Sales Plan Checklist

Sales Management Checklist

Sales Closing Checklist

B2B Sales Leads Success Checklist

The Essential Sales Proposal Checklist

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  • Pavel

    Awesome checklists guys! The sales leads experts is really good.

    • http://www.consulting-business.com Michael Zipursky

      Pavel – thanks for the comment and great to hear that you enjoyed the list.

  • http://allwellbeing.com/blog/ Douglas

    In many cases, checklists are “mnemonic” (yes, the “m” is silent) devices that act as a memory aid or a learning aid.