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Personal Message From Michael To You

Dear Friend,  Happy New Year and I’m honored and excited to welcome 2017 together with you. 2016 was an amazing year filled with success where we have been able to help support our clients through our Accelerator Coaching Program behind the scenes to help them grow their consulting businesses. Some examples include: 1. A client […]


The Real Value in VaynerTalent

(Image from VaynerTalent) Some people just don’t get it. VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk’s social media agency that works with some of the world’s largest brands recently announced a new division and service called VaynerTalent. The new service creates content for people and then distributes and promotes that content. If you’ve seen Gary’s DailyVee videos you’ll have […]


Becoming a Consultant: What Matters Most

If you’re thinking about becoming a consultant or becoming a better consultant there are three keys that will get you there. I’m not talking about marketing or earning higher consulting fees. This isn’t about how you write your proposals or structure or productize your service offerings. If you want to BE a great consultant you must […]