3 Critical Questions for Consultants & the Must Have Skill Set

What is the most important skill that a consultant most possess?

I’ve just created this video to share with you why this skill is so critical to your success.

And I’ve offered you three ways to ask your ideal clients better questions – you’ll see why this matters in the video : )

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The most important skill you must have as a consultant is…

Watch the video to find out.

In the video I also share with you three 3 questions consultants often ask clients and why they should be avoided.

I provide you with alternative questions that are far more effective.

Collaborative Consulting and The Power of Consistency for Consultants – Podcast


In today’s consulting interview I have Jacob Morgan on the line. Jacob is the principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group, a management consulting and strategic advisory firm focusing on the future of work and collaboration. Jacob works with organizations looking to understand how changes in technology and behavior are impacting the way we work.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How Jacob got his first consulting client from Craigslist
  • How to build your business even if you have no experience, no contacts and no credibility
  • Why following technology and trends can pay off big
  • How to use consulting retainers
  • The power of consistency for consultants
  • And much more.

How to Sell Consulting Services And Enjoy It – Podcast

Anthony Iannarino

Mike Zipursky: Hey, it’s Michael Zipursky from Consulting Success and on today’s consulting interview, we have Anthony Iannarino – entrepreneur, author and consultant. Anthony is the President and Chief Sales Officer of Solution Staffing, Director of B2B Sales Coach and a daily writer at www.TheSalesBlog.com. Anthony has an amazing story. I am excited to have him here with us today.

Anthony, welcome!

Anthony Iannarino: Hi! Thanks for having me, Michael.

Mike Zipursky: All right, so Anthony, you’re a sales guy – one of the top around and you know your industry very well but many people feel sales and selling are dirty words. Why is this?

Anthony Iannarino: It’s a good question. And there’s some reason that sales has developed a bit of a reputation over the last, say, couple thousand years, right? For a long time there was an imbalance of power where sellers had more information about their product, about the market, about what it was worth than buyers and so we were taught things like tie-downs to say “Michael, you do love your family, right? You do want them to be safe, don’t you? You do want your kids to go to college. How can you go to sleep at night not having signed this insurance contract?” There were all those all kinds of tactics being used, and people got tired of it and the balance of power shifted over time. More people entered the market.

But I think that the point of your question for your audience is a lot of people feel that selling is about being manipulative, or persuasive, or making somebody buy something that they’re not going to benefit from, for the seller’s benefit alone and that hasn’t been true for a long time and it’s certainly not true of consultants.

A little bit of my story, which I’ve shared with you in the past, I would have never gotten into sales if it was about taking advantage of other people. But it’s really about creating value for other people. It’s about finding a way to be beneficial and helping them get a result that they can’t get without you and that’s what makes selling what it is today. It makes you valuable. You’re a value-creator. You make a contribution and you help other people grow.

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How to Become The Industry Expert – Podcast

Tim Grahl

Mike Zipursky: Hey, it’s Michael Zipursky from Consulting Success and today’s consulting interview is with Tim Grahl.

Tim’s a consultant, author of Your First 1000 Copies, coach and owner of Out:think where his company helps authors launch their books and manage their brands online. His clients include Dan Pink, Charles Duhigg, Pamela Slim and many others.

Tim is a guy on a mission and I’m looking forward to our call. So Tim, a massive welcome to you.

Tim Grahl: Thank you! Thanks for having me. I’ve been looking forward to it.

Mike Zipursky: So Tim, before you started Out:think, you were running a web marketing company that wasn’t really doing that well. What’s the background on that?

Tim Grahl: I kind of come into it to two different ways. I was a programmer by trade and by schooling so I was doing a lot of web development, and then I was also running my own blog network and so that kind of got me started in the marketing world because I had to get people to pay attention to what I was doing in order to make it successful.

After I sold off the blog network, I was starting to just do web development and marketing for kind of anyone that would hire me. And so that’s how I got started and just started kind of picking up clients here and there.

Mike Zipursky: Right. And when we were talking, you mentioned that that business, it wasn’t prospering and really moving forward in the way that you would have liked. Why do you think that you weren’t seeing the level of success that you kind of set out to in that business?

Tim Grahl: Looking back, the biggest thing that was causing me trouble is I didn’t have any one area of expertise and this kind of hurt me in several ways.

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The REAL Truth About Productivity for Consultants

Karyn Greenstreet Interview

Interview Transcript (Draft)

Mike Zipursky:  Hi everyone.  It’s Michael Zipursky of Consulting Success.  In today’s consulting interview we have Karyn Greenstreet with us.

Karyn is the founder of Passion for Business where she works with small businesses to help them with business strategy and to grow their revenues.  She also teaches people how to create mastermind groups.  I’m looking forward to this interview, so Karyn, a big welcome.

Karyn Greenstreet:  Great.  Thank you, Michael.  Glad to be here.

Mike Zipursky:  Yeah.  Let’s go back.  You started your career as an instructional designer.  What does that even mean and what were you doing?

Karyn Greenstreet:  Well, I had parallel careers in my life.  I’ve always been self-employed either part-time or full-time, even when I was in college, to help pay for college expenses, and when I got out of college I started my own business and at the same time had a corporate career.  In my corporate career, I was an instructional designer and basically what that means is I designed classes for corporations.  I worked a lot in the software industry in over about a 20-year period, worked my way up to become International Director of Education for a software company.  That was a pretty good run and during that time I had to learn a lot also about consulting because part of what I was doing was asking a lot of consulting questions in order to know what kind of training program to design for someone, and then to realize whether training was even what they needed or not needed.  Maybe they needed a different solution.

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How to Earn $100,000 to $200,000 For Each Consulting Project

Steve Shu Interview

Interview Transcript (Draft)

Mike Zipursky:  Hey everyone.  Welcoming you back for another consulting interview session.  I’m Michael Zipursky from Consulting Success and today on the show we have Steve Shu with us.

Steve is a management consultant who has worked and consulted for Vodafone Allianz, Nortel, Lucent and Wolters Kluwer, to name a few.  He’s also taught courses in the business school at Irvine University.  Steve, a big welcome to you.

Steve Shu:  Thank you very much for having me, Michael.

Mike Zipursky:  Let’s start by having you tell us what it is you’re doing for clients these days.

Steve Shu:  Great.  Typically, what I do is I help incubate technology-oriented startup initiatives within other companies.  This typically includes things like new business units, innovation areas, new product development, and I also do some pure startups but it’s typically kind of startup initiatives within larger companies.

Mike Zipursky:  Can you give us a bit of a – like if we were to take that idea and break it down a little bit so people can get a bit of a better picture into exactly what it is you’re doing.  Could we just play off maybe a recent project example or one that you’re comfortable sharing what you did?

Steve Shu:  Sure.  One of the clients that I worked for recently was involved with starting up, they wanted to start up a new business unit.  They wanted to move into an adjacent market space leveraging their current software products.  I got involved early on with helping them kind of define the business and also secure the funding from, you know, at the CEO level to invest and develop the business unit, so started off with the funding and the strategy for the business then we went into things like the planning and the incubation and acquisition of new clients and staffing the organization.  That’s a somewhat long process.  The funding efforts can take a few months to a half year and then we go through kind of incubation phases of getting those businesses started. Continue Reading

How to Get Consulting Clients Using Twitter

Get Clients With Twitter

Interview Transcript Draft

Mike Zipursky: Hi, everyone! It’s Michael Zipursky here from Consulting Success. And today on the line, I have Rochelle Moulton.

Rochelle’s a serial consultant (maybe I just invented that term) and now works with authors, artists and consultants to help develop their brands as well as revenue models and strategy.

Rochelle worked at a large consulting firm, and then started her own consulting business and grew that, sold it six years later and then worked in a few different business and consulting roles before really getting into her current company.

Again, I’m really excited to have Rochelle on today’s show. So Rochelle, welcome!

Rochelle Moulton: Thank you, Michael. I’m happy to be here.

Mike Zipursky: Is that a term I just invented – ‘serial consultant’?

Rochelle Moulton: I like that. I’ve heard of serial entrepreneur, but yeah, serial consultant sounds like it just fits.

Mike Zipursky: Same thing: I’ve heard the entrepreneur thing used many times by people and I was always interested when people call themselves serial entrepreneurs, but you can say it about someone else so I thought that would be a good fit for you.

Let’s get started. Rochelle, you helped one of your clients go from earning $500 each speech to earning $15,000 per speech. That’s a massive jump. What did you do to help them?

Rochelle Moulton: It was a massive jump. Thinking about it, we did it in 18 months which is even more fabulous. Continue Reading

How to Attract Better Clients: New Interview

Attract Better Clients Podcast

Interview Transcript Draft

Mike Zipursky: Hi, everyone! It’s Michael Zipursky here from Consulting Success.

On today’s show, I’m excited to have Sylvie Fortin with us. Sylvie’s the owner of Workaholics4Hire.com and is also a partner in Success Doctor – a copywriting and consulting company, as well as Licorice Group which is an online marketing and training company.

Sylvie helps marketers and entrepreneurs manage the backend of their business and also handle customer support at her company, Workaholics4Hire.

So, Sylvie, welcome!

Sylvie Fortin: Thank you so much, Michael. I appreciate you having me on.

Mike Zipursky: Let’s start off by having you tell us where the name Workaholics4Hire came from.

Sylvie Fortin: It’s kind of self-named actually. I’ve realized early on I had a problem. When I was trying to think of a company name, I can’t really nail down what it is we’re going to do so it wasn’t going to be a web design company. We weren’t going to be a writing company. I wanted it generalized, but to really be specific and as punchy as possible. That kind of came about, I think, at 2 o’clock in the morning was when the name popped into my head. I started laughing and I said ‘Yup, that’s the name.’

Mike Zipursky: And now this is 2 o’clock in the morning not when you’re in bed waking up, but while you’re actually still working?

Sylvie Fortin: Exactly

Mike Zipursky: I like to have you tell us a little bit about what your current role at Workaholics4Hire is right now. Continue Reading

Growing a Coaching and Consulting Business with Rupert Whiting

Interview Transcript

Mike Zipursky: Hi, everyone! It’s Michael Zipursky from Consulting Success. On today’s show, we have Rupert Whiting.

Rupert is a business coach that works with dentists and family-owned businesses with $10 million plus in sales. He focuses his efforts on making business in a city more profitable and systematically sustainable for the benefit of the local community.

His passion is to help ambitious business people to live the life that they want to live, to create the businesses that they have always dreamed of and to create great jobs for others in the process.

Rupert is part of Focal Point – a business coaching system and franchise created by Brian Tracy.

Rupert, welcome!

Rupert Whiting: Hi, Michael.

Mike Zipursky: So Rupert, you won an award for the highest sales record. Tell us a little bit about that. Continue Reading

Napoleon Hill’s Secrets: The True Keys to Success with Don Green

Interview Transcript

Mike Zipursky: Hi, everyone! It’s Michael Zipursky from Consulting Success. Today on the line, I have Don Green who is the Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Many of you, if not most of you, I hope know about Napoleon Hill and his books and teachings including the bestseller, Think and Grow Rich.

Don became CEO of a bank at the age of 41 and made it a very profitable success. He speaks around the world and has been featured by the UN Forum for the importance of entrepreneurship within the local economy.

Don, I’m very pleased to have you with us and a big welcome to you.

Don Green: Thank you, Michael! I’m very pleased to be able to speak to you. I appreciate you reviewing my book and what you have to say about it.

Mike Zipursky: Yeah, definitely. Continue Reading