Speaking Fees: Establishing Your Value

Speaking Fees Consultants

Speaking fees, like consulting fees, should be about the value you deliver.

Some of you may think that doesn’t sound right. And I can understand that, especially considering some of the conversations I’ve had with some speakers.

You should focus on the value you will provide the buyer; and not only will you get hired more often; you’ll be able to command higher fees as well.

I’ve heard the following reasons as being most important for a speaker:

  • “To connect with the audience”
  • “Make people laugh”
  • “Get people to think”
  • “Share new ideas”
  • “Receive a high score from attendees when they rate your presentation”
  • “Keep people happy during a specific time slot”
  • “To arouse and inform”

What do you think?

At first glance these don’t seem too far off the mark. But take a minute to actually think about what the speakers are saying here. Continue Reading

3 Ways Consultants and Coaches Can Get on TV: And Double or Triple Their Business

TV Media Coverage Consultants

Many people see getting on TV as the holy grail to getting publicity.  Oprah was the leader in making careers overnight. Other shows don’t necessarily have the same instant influence that Oprah had, but a four-minute segment on a major morning talk or news show can still have that magic formula effect.

You would want to understand the culture of the company. You would want to know what kind of products or services had been successful for them and the way they like those things packaged.

While getting on TV can be a powerful way for coaches and consultants to increase their sales and grow their consulting businesses on the spot it can also be something of a dud if not done correctly.  Here are three ways to get on TV and them make your appearance count.

1. Write a segment not a pitch.

When I work with my clients I write up a segment – exactly what you would see if you watched the show – that caters to the hosts strengths and personality. I’ve watched the shows so I have a sense of the subject matter they like to cover and the format they prefer. I’ve read up on as much as I can to best angle my segment to the preferences of the hosts and show. Continue Reading

How To Get Your Consulting Business In The Media

Getting into the media

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Most businesses reach a point where they realize they too can benefit from getting featured in the media.

One problem many people find is that the word ‘publicity‘ in and of itself sounds daunting. As if only large companies can benefit from it.

One of the biggest mistake people make when trying to get publicity is casting too wide of a net.

Here’s the thing, regardless of whether you’re an independent consultant, run a small consultancy team of 5 or have hundreds of employees – you can benefit from getting into the media.

The second challenge with publicity is that it doesn’t happen instantly. That’s right, you can’t simply push a button and make money from it…despite what some people may say. However, there are specific strategies you can use to speedy up the process and get into the media more quickly. I’ll share these with you below:

Have a Clear Target

One of the biggest mistake people make when trying to get publicity is casting too wide of a net.

As you start developing your publicity strategy, you should have a clear picture of exactly who you are targeting. Continue Reading

A Marketing Disaster and How To Avoid It


I just got off the phone with an employee from a bakery.

For one of my businesses we decided to send a little treat in the mail to each of our customers – just an unexpected way of saying thanks. (We’re doing this for many reasons, but I’ll save that for future article).

Back to the story and the bakery…

I asked them if they ship nationwide? They said, “No, sorry we don’t. The owner here decided not to do that.”

I asked, “Do you ship locally?”. They said, “Yes.”

Hmmm…”I see, isn’t it the same amount of work to ship nationally or locally? The courier just picks it up, that’s it.” She replies, “Yes I know, the owner thinks it is a hassle.”

“Okay…so how much is it for local delivery for my local customers, maybe I can use it for them.”

“It’s $15 for next day delivery”, she says.

I’m planning on sending hundreds of these gifts…so I asked, “If delivery is 2 or 3 days can we get that $15 cost down.” Continue Reading

8 Speaking Tips for Consultants

Not too long ago I got a call from one of the country’s largest banks. They asked if I’d give a marketing presentation to some of their business customers.

A few weeks later I gave a talk to 30 business owners and about 15 of the banks staff.

The presentation was one I hadn’t given before and I think it went quite well.

Speaking is a very powerful business tool

At the end of the presentation we had a great Q&A session. And when that was finished I was swarmed by 5 or 6 business owners that were interested in my consulting services. (This was nice to see though I haven’t taken on new clients for over a year – my current load is heavy enough to say the least).

I was paid to give the presentation and have been asked to give the presentation again, this time at a different branch.

So let me share with you a few tips on speaking and giving presentations…

1. The money will come – Unless you’ve been speaking for a while don’t worry about asking for money for your first few presentations. The business you’ll get out of speaking will more than make up for the time you put into it.

2. You’re in need – There are countless organizations, from rotary clubs and non-profits, to banks and other large companies just to name a few that would love to have you speak. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call them. Tell them about your presentation and that you’d like to share your experiences with others. They’ll be happy to take you up on your offer if they have a need – especially if they don’t have to pay you. Continue Reading

Marketing & PR Expert: Kevin Dugan

Kevin Dugan is an award-winning marketing and public relations expert based in Cincinnati, Ohio. A founder of Cincinnati Social Media, a mentor to startups at The Brandery and marketing director at Empower MediaMarketing, Kevin has more than 18 years industry experience. You can find Kevin at www.kevindugan.com and on his two blogs Strategic Public Relations and Bad Pitch Blog – both award winners.

1. What is your role at Empower MediaMarketing and what’s the best part of your job?

My role at Empower is to market the company, inside and outside our four-walls. This includes its social media strategy. I also help the firm’s social media team with some of our client efforts. The best part of my job is the autonomy to be creative and to get things done.

2. You’ve consulted for Fortune 500 companies like Xerox and GE, have you had thoughts of working as an independent consultant? What are the benefits of working as part of a larger organization?

I’ve worked as an independent consultant before. Both options have their benefits. One of the things I like working for larger organizations is the opportunity to collaborate with a broad variety of teams. It’s easier for me to recharge my energy and my industry experiences when I am working with folks that have their own set of experiences to share with me.

3. Your PR work has won several awards. Is there one element that each of these needed to have to be successful? What was it, and why aren’t others making use of it the same way?

The common thread through the projects I’ve worked on that win awards is there is substance…a genuine story to tell. I think it’s hard to not get emotionally attached to projects. It’s that connection that often drives our passion for our work. But sometimes, there can be more emotional ties than substance. As a result, some entries are not as substantive than others. I’ve judged a lot of competitions actually and I created a list of other important details to consider during this process (http://prblog.typepad.com/strategic_public_relation/2006/09/10_awardwinning.html)

4. You’re a mentor to startup companies. What’s the biggest challenge you see most new companies facing (an aspect of sales, focus, positioning, research, etc) and how do you recommend they deal with it?

Most new companies have a great idea. But they risk losing focus as they need to pay attention to every detail of the business — at least initially. This takes most businesspeople out of their comfort zone and into spread sheets, computer code, marketing and financial projections. It’s a broad scope for anyone to manage. So there is a tough period of time where the individual must move the idea forward, keep their passion and flesh out details in areas where they’re not experts. Continue Reading

Using LinkedIn for Consulting Sales

So you want to make more sales, do ya? You’ve selected a market to focus on – wise move. So how in the world do you get in front of the people you want to meet?

Referrals are great and should be your first source. Think who you know that knows someone else and so on.

There’s another method however that not enough people take advantage of – LinkedIn.

To most LinkedIn is a site where you signup, add and connect with others that you know and then rarely come back to again – if ever.

But LinkedIn can help you get meetings with your target clients. Here’s how:

Start searching for the industry you’re going after, or keywords in the titles of the people you want to meet with … and do it by location.

That should narrow down some results.

Who Knows Who
Next, go through the profile of each person and see if they are connected, even by two or three degrees from someone you’re already connected to. Here’s where it helps to have many connections.

Go For It
With this list in hand you can then send a little note and invitation to each of these people letting them know how you found them, mention to them who they know that you know, and why you’re getting in touch. Continue Reading

Public Relations Consultants to Help Bailout Greece

If you’re a public relations consultant I thought you’d find an article I just came across interesting.

According to Bloomberg, the country of Greece is looking for a PR firm to help protect its image and even enhance it in the media to assist with receiving much needed aid.

If you haven’t been following this massive economic story … Greece is in big trouble and the shock wave that’s coming may just stretch far beyond it’s borders.

Get the full story here…

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Consulting Newsletters

Write a short blurb, hit send and get a client. Sounds like marketing hype, right? It’s not. Here’s why:

Some of my best clients came from a newsletter I used to send out. One case in particular demonstrates the power a consultant can wield with a newsletter.

A true story
I met this business owner, let’s call him Wesley, at a cafe.

Just one meeting, hearing about his business and telling him a little of what I did. Then, I didn’t speak with him for years.

In fact, I was in Japan consulting for Panasonic, Sumitomo, The Financial Times and others. After nearly 5 years in Japan I returned home. The day I set up my new office I sent out a quick newsletter to clients and business friends letting them know what I was up to. Continue Reading