Learn Step-By-Step How to Create a Sustainable & Predictable Marketing System That Attracts Clients

Coaching with Michael Zipursky
CEO, consultant, author, and speaker

How effective is your marketing system in attracting clients?

You’re likely a great consultant. You know how to provide your clients with value and help them reach their goals.

However, if you’re like most of the consultants I’ve worked with over the last 13 years your challenge is getting more clients. And most importantly, how can you attract clients on a predictable and consistent basis.

Many consultants find that referrals help them to get their first few clients. But referrals from your network don’t always last.

In fact, the most successful consultants don’t rely on referrals. They don’t ‘rely’ on anything. They take action.

They master their marketing and sales. They build a system that predictably drives new leads and ideal clients.

This isn’t a one-off campaign. It’s a system that once planned and built (the RIGHT way) becomes one of their highest points of leverage in their business.

It’s what drives the growth of their business and makes it so profitable and sustainable.

I help my private clients and high-end coaching students create these systems and they consistently get results.

That’s why I’ve decided to open up my coaching program to teach a small group of dedicated consultants how to build this marketing system and attract clients on a predictable basis.

My coaching program isn’t for everyone. It may be a great fit for you, or it may not. Without learning more about you, your business and your goals I can’t say.

And that’s what my Free “Get More Consulting Clients Road Map” call is for. I’m only able to offer 4 of these Free calls each month. So if you’re interested be sure to complete the form below right away to schedule yours. There is usually a waiting list, but you’ll get added to the priority list as soon as your email is received.

During the Free “Get More Consulting Clients Road Map” session I’ll get on a call with you (1-on-1) and together we’ll talk about your business and what you can do to start getting more consulting clients.

If you’re serious about growing your business and want to attract your ideal clients on a more consistent and predictable basis request your Free “Get More Consulting Clients Road Map” call now by filling in the form below.

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Fill out my online form.

I look forward to working with you!

To your success,

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Michael Zipursky
Consulting Success

I was looking for coaching to help position my business to stand out above the crowd, lead generation advice, and how to properly package our services. Michael is very detailed oriented, responds quickly and most importantly provided amazing direction and focus on the right strategies to grow our practice. Two thumbs and two big toes up for Michael’s coaching!”

Wade Schlosser, Founder, CEO

In 1 hour you’ve changed my business and life. You’ve answered so many questions I had and provided me with valuable solutions. I now have a strong direction. For the price I paid this was such a bargain.”

Micah Robinson, President
Transformational Technologies Consulting

Working with Mike is like having an outstanding business partner who keeps me focused on the “big picture” and priorities, points out “gaps” in my business and helps me develop solutions. As a result of our work together I have, and expect to further, improve sales numbers, reduce cost of client acquisition/marketing, cut development time for new marketing programs, and have more fun doing it!”

Sasha Berson, CEO

Before learning about Michael, I spent time and money on business advice in attempt to get my consulting business off the ground without any concrete results. In one hour, Michael was able to bring clarity to my situation and provide a framework of steps to take specific to my needs. It’s clear to me that Michael is driven by results and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to take their consultancy to the next level.”

Kathya Bustamante

“I have done a lot of reading in the area of marketing recently, but within 30 minutes of my call with Michael I learned a lot more than everything else combined. My business is growing but I wanted to build it beyond just getting referrals. The coaching with Michael is just what I needed to get going in the right direction. If you want to gain clarity on your marketing to land more clients I recommend that you speak with Michael.”

Rajesh Sidharthan, CEO
Freshdesign Interactive

“I took what Michael teaches and the first client I used this with closed with very little discussion (and I’m waiting to hear back from the second client, and that one looks good, too!)”

Dani Long
Certified Global Business Professional

I needed crisp marketing assistance to differentiate my company from competitors, strengthen my website content, and understand how to leverage scarce time and financial resources. Michael helped me to focus on the real essentials, take more effective action, and get on track. His insights on “standing out from the crowd”, business development, and how to clearly define my services were outstanding. Michael always encouraged me and held me accountable for accomplishing necessary steps at the same time. Well done!”

Gary A. Kyle, President & CEO

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