How a 20 Year Old Works with a $70 Billion Consulting Client


I was in my early twenties when I was chosen to consult for a $70 Billion dollar Japanese company.

My client had no idea I was so young. Some would have called me foolish if I told them I’d go after such a large client.

It wasn’t easy to win that project. I had to align myself with the right people, position myself as an expert (or at least someone who could provide intelligent and valuable insights). And I had to do all of this speaking in Japanese and presenting to the CEO and a table of VPs.

Take a good look at your marketplace. Identify which companies you want to work with and then build your strategy to make that happen.

I could have gone after smaller projects. People would likely call that the “conventional” and “safe” route.

Sure, I could have stayed in my comfort zone, never moved to Japan, or gone after working with billion dollar companies.

But here’s the thing: playing outside of your comfort zone has big rewards.

After winning that first project my confidence soared and my consulting income leaped.

I started getting calls from other multi-national companies throughout the country and even from overseas.

It’s important that you know what you’re good at and that you spend your time focusing on getting even better at those things. But sometimes not taking a risk is the biggest risk you can take.

If you want to leapfrog your income and start working with bigger clients, here’s what you need to do.

Take a good look at your marketplace. Identify which companies you want to work with and then build your strategy to make that happen.

Most often, what’s holding you back from reaching your goals isn’t anything outside of your control – it’s you.

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  • waako garvin

    Interesting and mind blowing such lovely insights should be invested in Africa where a 20yr old thinks they are still breast feeding.. .way to Go mic

    • Michael Zipursky

      Waako – make big things happen!

  • vinodh

    This write up is inspiring me. I am buying your consulting success system to attempt at consulting seriously. I am an experienced programmer but want to become independent consultant. dont know marketing.
    whenever I search about consulting in google I get your website only.

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