3 Tips to Increase Your Consulting Fees

Would you like to increase your consulting income? Well, the fastest way to make that happen is to increase your fees.

You can learn how to convert more buyers with and effective sales conversation.

And you can discover how to attract more consulting clients with a proven marketing system and process.

But my friend, hands down, the most direct route to increasing your income is learning how to increase your fees. To do this it's critical that you focus on VALUE.

We created the below infographic to share 3 tips that will help you to focus on value and increase your fees.

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How to Increase Your Consulting Fees

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5 Steps to Position Yourself as an Authority and Expert In Your Market

Today, I want to share with you an action that you can take and that you can start to implement into your business, and if done consistently and frequently will have a really profound impact.

Rather than you talking about how good you are, let others do the talking.

Not only will it help you to really position yourself as a greater authority and expert in your market and in front of your ideal clients, it will also help you to attract more of your ideal clients.


What am I talking about?

Communicate Your Value

I work with consultants all around the world and at all different industries and one thing that I see consistently is that too often consultants don’t demonstrate, they don’t communicate, they don’t visually show the results that they’ve generated for their clients or even for their past employers.

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate your expertise.

That is something that really is a lost opportunity. If you’ve generated value, if you’ve created value for your clients in any form or fashion, you should be communicating that.

Now, whether that is creating a case study, with or without a specific’s client’s name, the more specific that you can be the better.

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate your expertise.

Look at what was the situation in the project? What was the challenge? What was the problem? How did you overcome it? What were the results that were generated? What has that meant for the client?

Case Studies

Case studies are a really powerful marketing tool yet too often consultants don’t use them. Ask yourself: Can you implement or create case studies in your business and then share them with your ideal clients?

Screen Shots

You could also take screen shots. If you’re very active on social media and maybe you’ve even seen this done by others, you can take a screen shot.

If someone leaves a good comment or feedback, a testimonial or reference about you or your service or your company, take a screen shot of that. Share that. That’s public information. You can then use that to further enhance and really to support your credibility as an expert in the market. Continue Reading

Most Powerful Lead Source for Consultants

There are many ways to generate consulting leads for your business. A recent survey from Hinge found that writing a book is the #1 most impactful marketing tool for generating leads.

The infographic below outlines benefits and tips to keep in mind when writing a business book for consultants.

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What are your thoughts? Have you written a book and has it helped you generate leads? Share your experience and tips in the comments below or post a question...

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Secret of the World’s Most Successful Consultants

If you are really serious about growing your consulting business, there’s one thing that you can do that can have an impact almost right away.

It’s proven time and time again to work.

In fact, it’s been used and taken advantage of by consultants and business professionals and successful people all around the world for hundreds of years.


The question to you is, will you make use of it? What am I talking about? What I’m talking about is surrounding yourself with other successful people.

Whatever it might be, surrounding yourself with others or with someone that can help you and can show you what you need to do to become more successful will motivate you.

This has been proven time and time again to help professionals and consultants and experts like yourself to become more successful.

The question would be why – why does it work? Let me offer you three reasons why it works.

3 Reasons this Works

  1. The first is that you get inspired. When you surround yourself with other successful people, with people that might be already playing in a higher level than you are, you become inspired.

You feel that inspiration and that helps you and gives you the energy to take more action in your business, to do things differently than anything you haven’t done before. You can use that inspiration to model your actions in your own consulting business.

  1. The second is motivation. Not only will you feel inspired, you’ll actually feel motivated. You’ll want to do more because you’ll see that to reach success, the more action that you take and the right actions will get you to the result that you want.

When you’re all by yourself, you’re not sure often what is the best action to take, what strategies to use, what tactics to use. There’s a lot of different choices that you can make as an independent consultant.

When you surround yourself with other successful consultants or business people, the unknown becomes the known. Continue Reading

3 Clever Ways to Attract Ideal Clients

How do you approach attracting more consulting clients?

Today, I want to share with you three tips that can help you immensely not only to attract more of your ideal clients but in fact help you to ensure that you are attracting the right types of clients – the highest quality, the highest paying types of clients – that you can ultimately serve at the highest levels and create the greatest value for.


When you are coming up with your ideal client criteria the more specific that you can be, the more focused and the greater that you can refine your ideal client criteria.

Create a Clear Picture of Your Ideal Client

The first thing that you want to keep in mind is that if you can’t see your ideal clients, if you don’t have a clear picture of who your ideal consulting client is, there’s no way that you can find them.

It’s like having a piece of paper and having a faint idea of where you want to go to but if you don’t have a clear destination, if you don’t have a pinpoint on the map that you’re working towards getting to, there’s no way that you can get there.

Even if there is a way that you can get there, even if you’re lucky enough to stumble onto the correct path that will take you to your destination, certainly you won’t get there as fast as you could if you were working with a clear line of sight that would get you to where you want to go to in the shortest time possible.

Ideal Client Selection

The first concept, the first tip that I want to offer you in terms of ideal client selection and attracting more of your ideal clients, is to have real clarity for who your ideal client is. Give thought to their industry, their position, their geography.

Think about what are their greatest challenges, their problems, the results that they’re wanting to achieve. Paint a really clear picture for who they are and dig deeper than you think that you need to dig.

What I mean by that is oftentimes as consultants we think that we can serve a vast, great number of people.

When you are coming up with your ideal client criteria the more specific that you can be, the more focused and the greater that you can refine your ideal client criteria.

The better insight you have and the better chance you actually then have of being able to put your ideal client and line them up in your sight.

That way you’ll be able to figure out the most effective and efficient way to get in front of them in a really meaningful approach, and a really powerful strategy will become clear to you.

Aim for the Top 5% of Clients

The second tip that I want to offer you – and I started to touch on this a little bit in the first tip – is that you should aim for the 5%, not the 95%.

What most consultants are drawn towards is the idea that you should cast a really wide net, and that the more potential ideal clients or buyers that you go after the greater your chances of success when in fact it’s the exact opposite. Continue Reading

Why Some Consultants Are More Successful Than Others

Let’s talk about coaching for consultants.

Before we do, let me ask you a question: Name for me one Olympic athlete who has reached that level of skill and proficiency without having a coach?

Name for me one world-class chess player who has never been mentored or coached by a chess master, or a singer that has sold millions of albums who has never been coached to perfect their tune, their pitch and their singing abilities.


You’ll have a hard time doing so and that’s for a good reason. The vast majority if not all of the most successful people in any given industry don’t get there alone.

Secret of the Most Successful

It’s not because they aren’t smart. It’s not because they aren’t good or they don’t have skills. It’s because they realize that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You know what you know.

Within a couple of months of working with that coach, my business had increased revenue by about $5000 per month.

The model that you’re using right now in your business has got you to the place that you’re at, at this exact time.

If you want to go to the next level, if you want to achieve greater success, simply doing what you’re currently isn’t going to get you there.

My Past Experience

I remember the first time, even before actually I started working with a coach to help me to grow my business, I was struggling.

The results that I was seeing were less than ideal, we can say.

I was generating some revenues and income but it wasn’t growing the business at the pace that I wanted to.

I wasn’t able to attract the amount of clients that I wanted to, or to earn the types of fees that I wanted to. Continue Reading

How to Choose a Consulting Firm Name

In this episode, let’s talk about consulting firm names.

Consultants ask me on a pretty frequent and regular basis, “Does a consulting firm name really matter? What should I call my consulting business? How should I position my consulting practice in terms of its naming?”


It’s a great question and it’s a question that a lot of people have when they’re just getting started or if you’re looking to go out on your own or transition into a new consulting business.

Does the Name Really Matter?

But does a consulting firm name, does your name really matter? The answer to that is no, but the answer to that can also be yes. It really depends on what your business is about and how you’re looking to structure your business.

Now, what I mean by that is I’ll take here a copy of our book The Consulting Success System 2.0

No one buys this book simply because it’s called The Consulting Success System 2.0. They buy this book, and maybe you’ve bought this book, because you know who the author is.

You don’t need to have everything ready to start making an impact in the market, to start getting out there. That’s the same thing with your consulting firm name.

You’re familiar with the ConsultingSuccess.com brand. When we talk about naming, it’s more about the brand than it is about the name.

Most people don’t just buy from a company called ABC or from a company called Heinz or Toyota or General Electric just because they think it’s a cool name.

Branding Your Name

You don’t go out and buy a Tesla just because you think that the Tesla name itself is cool.

You made a buying decision and your buyers – the buyers of consulting services made those buying decisions – based on the brand.

While a name can be interesting and powerful to get someone’s attention, it isn’t necessarily and actually almost in all cases isn’t the determining factor of why a buyer chooses to buy from you, or even why they select you or even why they reach out to you. Continue Reading

The BEST Business Model for Consultants

In this episode, let’s talk about business models. What is the right type of business model for you to use in your own consulting business?

These days, I see advertisements all over the web and even in workshops and in seminars, of people talking about the “best” business model.


That you should be selling high ticket offers or you should be doing products or setting up passive income streams, or jumping on webinars or podcasts or Instagram or Pinterest.

All these latest ideas and models that people are presenting to you can get a consultant quite confused.

Depending on what your income and revenue goals are, that will influence what type of model, strategy, approach and tactics you use.

You can feel overwhelmed wondering, “Is this the right business model for me?” And because they often do such a good job of marketing the idea to you, you get excited about it.

I want to offer you the idea that you should just take a minute and step back. Cool off.

Find Your Model

It’s really important that you ensure that the model that you are using is the right model for you and your business.

  • What type of business do you want to have?
  • What size company do you want to create?
  • Do you want to be a solo consultant or an independent consultant?
  • Do you want to have a consulting firm that has two, three, four, five employees, or do you want a firm that has 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 employees?

Continue Reading

The Power HABIT of Successful Consultants

What kind of habits do you have in your life?

We have all kinds of habits – some good, some not so good, some may be bad.

As a consultant, if you’re focused on growth, if you want to grow your business, to grow your revenues, then you must have one very important habit as part of your business, a habit that you do almost without thinking of doing that it becomes so natural.


You’re doing it almost everyday if not everyday, and you’re doing it because it clearly helps you to grow your business.

What is that habit? Maybe you guessed it but that habit is working on your marketing and business development.

The most successful consultants, even when they’re at the top of the highest level of success, they don’t sit back.

You see, many consultants believe that as consultants we’re in the consulting business, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Our Real Business

As consultants we’re not in the consulting business.

We’re in the business of marketing? Why? If we don’t have clients then it doesn’t matter how good we are at what we do.

It doesn’t matter what our expertise is. We don’t have the opportunity then to consult, to actually help our clients, to serve and provide value to them. The only way to actually have clients to consult for, to do consulting, is to get clients, which means we need to do business development and marketing in order to get those clients.

That’s why we’re really in the business of marketing even if you don’t consider yourself a marketer or a salesperson. These are strengths. These are areas that you must develop to be successful as a consultant.

The Referral Well

Even if you’ve found that maybe your business has coasted along for quite a while just through referrals in your network, that’s great for you.

That’s wonderful. Enjoy it and appreciate it, but also realize that that will not continue forever, especially if you’re newer to the business.

You might enjoy several years even of business like that. Continue Reading

Where 80% of Buyers Find Consultants

Eighty percent of buyers of consulting services and expert services are now going online to search for those experts.

That means they’re online right now searching for you. The question is, are you online? Can those buyers find you? Do you have an effective website?

Do you have an established online presence and does it communicate and does it present you in a way where you’re really seen as an authority, an expert, in the marketplace?


Let’s break each one of these down and explore them together, because if you want to grow your consulting business, if you want to attract and land significantly more clients you need to have all three of these pieces to the puzzle.

Professional Consulting Website

First, do you have a good website?

A good website needs to make you look good. It has to really communicate that your brand is a professional brand.

Again, this is the way it works these days and this trend will continue that over 80% of buyers are now searching online for a consultant, for an expert.

Do you have a professional-looking consulting brand? When a buyer goes online they’re not only going to be looking at your website.

They’re going to be looking at other websites as well and so they’re going to compare, and whether we like it or not first impressions are important.

How does your website communicate you?

Does it present you as a real professional?

Do you have a strong brand? Is it easy to navigate?

Do you have the right information on the website?

Is that information compelling?

Does it give a buyer a reason to engage with you?

Does it make it easy to contact you?

Do you have the right calls to action? Continue Reading