Success Secret from a $10 Million Man


I recently spoke with a consultant and marketer who will reach $10 Million in sales this year.

He’s an incredibly smart guy. Full of integrity. And his business has grown over 10X in the last 12 months.

Surround yourself with people more successful than you are. Whether you go to the right types of events, join a specific club or work with a coach.

It was a beautiful day and both of us were in Hawaii. We went for a walk along the beach and I asked him, “What was the biggest factor in your success?”

He didn’t hesitate and said “Surrounding myself with people more successful than myself.”

You’ve likely heard this idea before. There are countless articles on it.

How does spending time with successful people help you?

From my own experience I can tell you that as soon as you start hanging out with people that have achieve what you want to achieve and are living the kind of life you’d like to have, it starts to rub off on you.

I’m not talking about some magical transformation…

What happens is actually quite simple.

Imagine that you’re currently making $100,000 a year. If everyone around you is making $50,000- $100,000 it means the people around you are doing the things that people who make $50-$100K do. Continue Reading

Helicopters, Sick Stomachs, and Consulting


Just outside of OGG, Maui’s airport, is a series of buildings that are home to private helicopter rentals.

We got into our helicopter at about 1pm. As soon as the helicopter took off you could see the beach and the glimmering ocean.

If you want to reach success fast, drop everything you’re doing and figure out where you want to go to.

Our pilot took us around the Maui coastline and then across the straight to Molokai Island, an almost private island and great forest reserve.

The helicopter dipped and turned as we flew through misty canyons and by waterfalls. We saw where a few episodes of Lost was filmed as well as the upcoming Jurassic Park movie.


As the speed of the helicopter increased our turns became more abrupt. I was on the helicopter with 4 others in one of my business groups.

One of the guys brought his fiancé on the flight and it became apparent rather quickly that she wasn’t taking the ups and downs and quick turns well.

The pilot turned and looked at her, noticing that she was feeling ill.

He said, “Mandy, you’ll be fine, just look straight ahead and don’t look to the sides. Stay focused on the tree line ahead.”

This reminded me of many consultants who are themselves spinning on the brink of losing control.

To create a successful business you need to see ahead. You must be focused. The more you give in to distractions the less progress you’ll make and the worse you’ll feel.

If you want to reach success fast, drop everything you’re doing right now and figure out where you want to go to.

You’re currently at point A, what does point B look like, and how will you get there?

Then take the actions necessary to make that happen.

That’s what it’s all about. If you want help, let me know here.

How to Increase Your Consulting Fees Over 712%


If you’ve ever felt stuck and that you’re not earning what you believe you should be, you need to listen to this interview.

Barb Langlois is a consultant in my coaching program. She’s also an author, speaker and trainer. Barb is very good at what she does. Yet she was struggling to consistently attract her ideal clients and receive high fees for the value she created for her clients.

In this interview below Barb shares how we tackled all of these challenges and why she’s now able to attract and land more clients than ever before. You’ll also hear how she increased her fees over 700% and turned a short one time client project into a full year.

Do you want more clients? Are you ready to learn the proven system and process consultants are using to attract their ideal clients and receive higher fees consistently? If so, apply for my Marketing for Consultants coaching program.

This is the program where I personally work with you to reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible. If you’re tired of not knowing what to do, how to do it, and why what you’re doing now isn’t working, apply and let’s setup a time to talk. I’ll show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to start getting results.

Consulting Certifications Don’t Matter


I received an email from a consultant the other day asking me what type of certification they should get to help them become a more successful consultant.

I replied, “you don’t need any certification to be successful in this business.”

Then just yesterday I spoke with another consultant in Australia that told me he was part of two different consulting associations. His business is struggling.

Let me first explain the value of a certification:

  • Learn systems and processes to work with clients.
  • Speak with other consultants just getting started.
  • Gain confidence in doing consulting work if you weren’t confident already.

Here’s the problem with certifications, they don’t help you GROW your business.

I’ve said before, as consultants, we’re not in the consulting business. We’re in the marketing business.

It doesn’t matter how many certifications or letters you have after your name. And it doesn’t matter how good you are at the work you do. If you don’t have enough clients, you don’t have a business.

The consultant that emailed me and the other one from Australia both had spent great time and money on getting certifications believing that would allow them to be successful.

In both cases it didn’t. Continue Reading

Consultative Selling: How to Sell More Even if You Don’t Like Selling


Every consultant needs to sell. There, I’ve said it.

I know, you may not be excited about the prospect of having to sell.

Whether you’re trying to land a $5000 project or a $500,000 project, the same Consultative Sales Process can be used.

It might scare you and have you wanting to tuck your head out of sight.

If that’s you, you need to get over it.

Selling isn’t a choice. Every single one of us needs to sell.

The problem with selling isn’t that it’s hard – it’s not.

The real problem consultants have with the idea of sales is that they misunderstand what sales is all about.

If you’ve watched Glengarry Glen Ross or visited too many used car sales lots in the 80s or 90s you’ve got the wrong idea.

The best sales people sell through conversation in what is called Consultative Selling. The process of asking and uncovering your buyers needs and wants so you 1) determine if your product/service is the right fit for them and 2) position your offer so that your ideal buyers buy.

Whether you’re trying to land a $5000 project or a $500,000 project, the same Consultative Sales Process can be used.

Over the years I’ve honed this process down to the essentials. I teach it to the consultants in my coaching program. Continue Reading

Marketing for Consultants Survey Results 2014

The results are in…

We asked over 15,000 consultants how they market their consulting services as we do each year.

We’ve compiled the results and created an infographic that shows you what type of marketing consultants are finding most effective and what is the most ineffective.

See the full infographic with survey results below: Continue Reading

How to Turn a $5K Consulting Project Into $54K


Ken Blankenfeld is a consultant to the construction industry. He’s a corporate veteran managing projects valued at more than $500 Million.

In his previous role as a VP, before going out as a consultant, Ken took the company from $6 Million to $85 Million in four years.

Yet when he launched his consulting business he found it challenging to consistently land his ideal clients.

Since Ken joined my coaching program he’s seeing marketing in a different way and the results show. In this interview, you’ll learn how Ken turned a $5K consulting project into a $54K project – and he says it was the easiest sale he’s made (and he doesn’t like selling!).

If you’d like to learn how to consistently attract your ideal clients, increase your income and grow your business fill in the form here and let’s setup a time to talk.

Increase Your Fees with the Right Consulting Clients


The average price for a detached home in my city is $1.29M (yes, that’s mi-lli-on).

As a result many young couples are moving into the suburbs to find a home they can afford.

Remember, you can always earn more. There is no limit to what you can earn as a consultant.

Others are deciding to re-arrange their priorities and live in a condo in the city – giving up space for convenience.

The housing market is like consulting.

I drive or walk by homes that sell for $4-10M almost every day.

That’s a great deal of money. Yet, people buy and sell these homes throughout the city all the time.

As a consultant you might want to earn more and yet believe that you can’t raise your fees…that people won’t be willing to pay more.

Here’s the thing, you can always charge more.

Just like I can show you a house that is listed for $5M I can also point one out that is on for $7.5M and even $15M.

And like one consultant can charge $5000 per project, I can show you another consultant that receives $50,000 per project, and another that gets $200,000 per project. Continue Reading

Why You NEED to Disagree With Clients


If you want to win the trust of your clients, disagree with them.

Tom Denari, in his article on Ad Age, says “After two decades in this business, I’ve come to conclude that one of the most important pillars of a productive client-agency relationship — or, heck, maybe any relationship — is disagreement.”

Yes, you read that right. Clients want you to disagree with them and here’s why…

Because your client is surrounded by all these “yes” people, your disagreement comes as a breath of fresh air.

Your clients, the true buyers in an organization, are surrounded by people that will say “yes” to them all day, every day.

These are employees or managers sitting below your buyer on the ladder.

They are scared to go up against their boss imagining that they will receive a harsh verbal whipping. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Know Your Buyer Is the Real Deal


The consultant spent hours driving between their home office and the buyer’s corporate office.

She did her research on the company, prepared documents and event an initial report to show her eagerness and enthusiasm to work with this buyer.

They care about value, ROI and results and your fee isn’t important as long as the value and return makes sense for them.

For 4 weeks she rode the rollercoaster: feeling excited by the prospect of landing this buyer as a client, and the stress of wondering if the email she just sent was off-the-mark and if her latest meeting could have gone better.

The consultant emailed the buyer as she hadn’t heard back in 10 days. The buyer responds a day later saying they need more time.

This is an all too common scenario consultant’s face.

It happens most often when you’ve failed to identify if you’re dealing with a real buyer.

Here are 5 ways to know your buyer is the real deal:

Continue Reading

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