Getting More Clients with Professional Service


The other day I was typing away on my laptop. Suddenly it shut off. Oh snap!

I was in Mexico about a month ago and remember seeing a warning on my laptop that my battery was dying a slow death.

I thought it was an error. Turned out it wasn’t.

What type of communication and service are you providing your clients with? Are you making it easy for them to contact you? Are you replying to emails and phone calls promptly?

So now my battery really is on life support. I can still use it when it’s plugged in. I tell my wife, I’m going to see how much it costs to get a new battery. If it’s not much I’ll get a new one. If the cost is high, I’ll just get a new laptop.

I go online and find a few local companies that sell the battery I need.

The first one has a great website. I find the battery I need right away. But there are too many choices. Different options and versions. I’m not sure which is the right one.

So I pick up the phone and call them. Now I’m pushing numbers trying to reach a real person. After a minute or so I’m told the department that is supposed to provide ‘service’ and ‘sales’ isn’t available. So I leave a message for them to call me back.

In the meantime, I find another company and give them a call. A sales guy picks up (at least that’s the department he’s in) and I tell him what I need. He says, “yes, we have that battery.” I ask him a few questions to make sure it’s really the right one. He doesn’t have answers to them. In fact, he sounds like he’s just woken up an couldn’t care less if I buy from him or not. His lack of enthusiasm and poor knowledge of his product leaves me hesitant to buy from him. Continue Reading

Sorry It’s Marketing, Not Consulting


We’re all in the marketing business.

Consulting or coaching is what we get to do once we win the project.

Don’t forget that.

Just the other day I was speaking with a consultant in my Coaching Program. This consultant was previously a Vice President for a large international company.

If you want to have clients lined up to work with you, to grow your income and make your business a long-term success, start focusing on your marketing.

She earned a great income, traveled the world and enjoyed all the benefits that come with it.

Two years ago she decided to leave the corporate world and go out on her own.

As soon as she launched her consulting business she got some great referrals. That kept her busy. It was a great start.

Now those initial referrals that were so easy to get have started to dry up.

She’s not getting enough clients and certainly not with enough consistency.

Not only is she feeling frustrated, she’s also starting to doubt herself.

There’s no reason that she should though. She’s great at what she does. She knows how to provide massive value to her clients.

She just needs more clients. She needs to market and promote her services.

Remember, not only do you need to be great at what you do, you also need to become great at marketing.

There are specific steps you can take right now to get refocused, to position yourself as an authority in your marketplace and to start attracting your ideal consulting clients on a consistent basis.

That’s what my Marketing for Consultants program is all about. Don’t wait for your referrals to dry up. Take action now and make sure you’re marketing your consulting services.

If you want to have clients lined up to work with you, to grow your income and make your business a long-term success, start focusing on your marketing.

A Challenge For You: 10 Calls to More Consulting Clients


I’d like to offer you a challenge in order for you to get more consulting clients.

Trust me; it will be well worth your time.

Here is the challenge:

This week, pick up the phone and call 10 new prospects. People you believe would be your ideal consulting clients.

If you can meet with them, that’s even better. But have 10 interactions.

Don’t feel pressured. You don’t need to make a sale.

In fact, it’s totally cool if you don’t.

Wipe away that stress and fear you have.

No one is expecting that these calls lead to anything.

The calls aren’t sales calls. Continue Reading

100 Tips on How to Start a Consulting Business

100 Tips - Starting a Consulting Business

There are all kinds of consultants in my coaching program where we focus on getting more clients and increasing your income.

Some consultants are already earning $10K, $40K, even $80K a month. Other consultants are just getting started. They’ve been managers and executives in the corporate world and are new ready to transition to become consultants and enjoy more freedom and control of their life.

These are just some of the key questions you want to work through as you look to start and grow your consulting business.

I’ve been asked many times, “what do I need to do to successfully start a consulting business?”

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it does include many of the key questions and ideas you’ll want to consider and can use to get started:

Identify Your Ideal Clients

1. Who are your ideal clients?
2. Who will you serve?
3. Who will you market to?
4. The more you know about your ideal clients, the better.
5. What industry are they in?
6. What is their position and title?
7. Are they in a certain geographical area?
8. What is the big problem they are facing?
9. What are their goals and mandates?
10. Without this information you won’t know who to serve, how to best serve them and especially, how to market to them effectively.

Be Clear on Your Value

11. How will you add value for your ideal clients?
12. What result will you produce for them?
13. Why should they hire you?
14. Why are you the best person to help them?
15. How do you compare to the competition?
16. If they don’t hire you, what will that mean for their business/life?

Deliver that Value

17. How will you deliver the solution?
18. Will you be doing this in-person?
19. Or will your delivery be online?
20. What will the delivery actually look like?
21. What should your client expect?
22. What will the process look like?
23. What type of deliverables will they get?
24. What type of timeline is involved? Continue Reading

What Consulting Clients Really Want From You


It’s easy for consultants to get the impression that the more they ‘show’ their consulting clients the better. But in fact, it can often have the opposite effect.

Your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. Your fancy graphs and charts. Even your latest tech toys all have their place. But you must use them sparingly.

Your client hasn’t hired you to put them through presentation horror.

No, they’ve hired you because they want your help to find a solution to a problem or because they need your help to reach the goals they are after.

The best consultants don’t need gizmos to show their worth.

They stride confidently into meetings with their clients, listen to what’s going on and ask question after question to get to the heart of the matter.

Your client doesn’t want to spend all their time listening to you.

They want you to listen to them. To uncover what’s really going on. And you can’t do that if you’re the one doing all the talking.

Keep the focus on your client. Ask the right questions and earn your consulting clients trust.

That’s how you partner for success.

3 Steps to Double Your Consulting Fees


How would you like to increase your consulting income by 50%, 100% even 200% and more…interested?

There’s a very simple way to achieve this and I’m going to tell you how…

Increase your fees.

If you’re currently making an average of $15000 per consulting project, increase your fee to $25000, $40000 or even $80000.

Here are three guidelines for you to make this happen:

1. Charging too little. Many consultants I speak with in my coaching program are charging too little for the results they provide. If you are helping your clients improve sales by $250,000 annually, charging $5000 is too little. If you know you’re providing huge results for you clients and not charging enough – increase your fees right away. That will have a huge impact.

2. Provide greater value. Let’s say you’re currently providing a service to your clients for $20000 and it includes A and B. If you add more value by providing A, B, C and D, you can increase your price to $50000. The key here is that you can charge more if you’re creating more value. This is a very powerful approach. Continue Reading

It Almost Killed Him


The other night I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

It’s the story of one Australian, Joe Cross, who goes on a “juice fast” – where he only drinks juice for 60 days.

What is it that holding you back? What are your reasons (aka. excuses) for not going after and getting what you want.

At the start of the film Joe is overweight, has poor health and is facing a painful skin disease that requires constant medication.

The film follows Joe’s journey throughout the 60 days as Joe loses weight, becomes a much healthier and happier person, and no longer requires his medication.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

…Because of what happens next…

Joe meets several people throughout his journey, one of them being a truck driver who has the same skin disease as Joe, but is also significantly overweight.

In fact, his weight of 429lbs is choking the life out of him.

He’s depressed. His father feels he might be suicidal. He can’t see his own feet when looking down and going to the washroom is a challenge.

Joe offers to help…and after some time the guy accepts.

He agrees to go on a 10 day juice only diet. To do this he needs to take time-off from his job – he’s a truck driver constantly on the road.

Over the next ten days you see the start of a transformation.

He decides to extend and go for 30 days.

A guy that could barely walk from his front door to the car door is now going for brisk walks.

He starts swimming again – a passion of his that he’d long forgotten.

It’s not easy though…

Everyone around him is digging into big heavy meals, fast-food and sugary drinks – what he used to eat every day.

His own family, many who are overweight themselves, say it’s good for him to do it, but that they never could. Continue Reading

Secret Small Steps to Consulting Success


I recently wrote about how you can put your money to work for you. In that article I gave you the formula to start creating real wealth for you and your family.

People that give up and turn back, because ‘things aren’t working out’ are the ones that don’t reach the goals they’ve set. And ultimately are unsuccessful.

Today I’m going to share another principle to creating wealth and achieving success.

Reaching Success

Success comes from taking the right steps towards your goals.

You may not reach your goal right away. You may not reach it after the tenth step you take. But keep working towards it, doing the right things, and you will reach it.

This one idea is what separates successful people from the unsuccessful ones. The ones that reach their goals don’t give up. Even if they don’t see the results they’re looking for right away, they keep moving forward.

People that give up and turn back, because ‘things aren’t working out’ are the ones that don’t reach the goals they’ve set. And ultimately are unsuccessful.

In this world we live in, people are used to ‘instant’ everything. Send a text message and get an instant reply. Have a question, hop on Google and get your answer. Success isn’t instant. It never has been and never will be.

But chart the right plan, and work on it day in and day out, and you’ll see extraordinary results. Continue Reading

Provide Real Value To Your Consulting Clients

Focus on Consulting Value

The above quote is taken from a recent article A Timeless Principle of Consulting Success

“Your focus must always be on the value you provide your clients. It’s not enough to convey that value, you must produce it and show your clients results. Another great way to deliver value is through creating educational materials for your marketplace, including articles, blogs, webinars, seminars, books, speaking and the list goes on. This elevates your authority and expert status in the market.”

Make Your Money Work


Having a high income, doesn’t mean you’re wealthy.

In fact, I remember meeting with a financial advisor once who told me she had clients who were earning high six-figure incomes who had no savings.

That’s not wealth.

If you want to create true wealth for you and your family well into the future you need to start paying yourself.

My father taught me this strategy when I was a young boy. I wasn’t able to make much use of it then, but slowly as I started to work, made investments and built profitable businesses, the power of this approach became abundantly clear.

Over just 1 year you’ll have saved $12,000. Over 5 years, you’ll have saved $60,000 and over 10 years, $120,000!

What’s beautiful about this strategy is that it’s available to all.

Now let me share with you the two keys to creating wealth:

1. Pay Yourself

At the end of each month have a set percentage of your bank balance set aside. It’s a simple process to do.

First, decide how much money you will set aside each month. Ten percent is a good starting point. If you’re earning 10,000 a month, start by setting aside 1,000.

If you can put aside more each month, you’ll become wealthy that much faster.

Some people say, “I need that money to live on…” You probably don’t. It’s amazing what happens when you set this money aside and only have $9000 a month (using the above example) to live and support your family on.

You’ll end up getting by just fine. Most people realize that they don’t even think about the money they’ve put aside – it’s like they never had it.

The next step is to automatically have this amount withdrawn from your main account. The key is “automatically”. You set it up once and then never have to think about it again.

If you’re having a hard time saving money and building up your wealth, this strategy will get you going in the right direction very quickly.

Over just 1 year you’ll have saved $12,000. Over 5 years, you’ll have saved $60,000 and over 10 years, $120,000! Continue Reading

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