Mountain Madness and Tasting Success


As we arrived at the base of the mountain we knew something was different.

Instead of bursting up a hill and taking a break, I’d take no breaks, climb slower and make it to the top.

We were about to start our climb to 3,700 feet. A straight climb up 2.9 km (1.8 miles).

Looking around at the parking lot we could see hundreds of people gathering.

Then we saw the sign.

It was race day.

In 15 minutes hundreds of racers would start the climb.

We had no idea it was race day.

So we had a choice to make…

We could both turn around and give up on the climb given the situation, or get moving fast and start the climb before the wave of racers came behind us.

“Let’s go for it” we decided.

We began by running up the steep rocky hill for the first minute. I could tell within that time that ‘running’ wasn’t going to last for very long.

Within a few minutes I was gasping for air. That’s when I decided I needed to adjust my approach.

Rather than aiming for speed, I’d focus on consistency.

Instead of bursting up a hill and taking a break, I’d take no breaks, climb slower and make it to the top.

Several minutes later the first racer flew past me.

Over the next 15 minutes men, women and children of all ages went by as I continued to climb.

At the quarter mark my mind started playing games on me telling me how I wouldn’t be able to finish – after all it was my first time doing this climb.

But the mind is what holds most of us back from reaching our greatest possibilities and accomplishments.

Reach the half way mark was hard. Now drenched in sweat my legs began to feel like jelly.

I continued on. Every time my mind reminded me of how hard the climb was, I focused on getting it done. Continue Reading

I Feel Silly…


“I feel silly” the caller on the line told me.

“It’s weird. I’m a marketing consultant but I need help with my marketing. I need to get more clients” she went on.

I hear this more often than you can imagine.

Find a coach or expert that you can learn from. It may very well be the best investment you ever make.

Ever heard of the shoemaker’s child who has no shoes?

It’s not surprising…

You’re a consultant so why would you ever need consulting for your own business?

Why does a doctor need to go see a doctor – if he or she is already a doctor?!

We all need this…

When we’re busy working on our business we often fail to see the bigger picture.

We tend to run in circles when a straight line would get us to the results we desire faster.

The outside perspective of an expert can be invaluable.

I remember the very first month I got a coach for my business. It added 60% more revenue to our bottom line.

The next time I hired a coach it was a big leap. Continue Reading

Simple Consulting Solution to a Complicated Problem


I was out for a business lunch at a local restaurant.

They have great food and are known for their service and attentiveness to customers.

This time however, something happened that reminded me of a mistake many business owners make.

Most things are meant to be kept simple and humans have a habit of feeling that more is better – when the opposite is usually the case.

We ordered our food and when it arrived we asked to have some hot sauce.

“Sure, I’ll get that for you right away” said the waiter.

Two minutes went by and no hot sauce.

When someone asks for a condiment like hot sauce once their food arrives, they want it right away so they can add it to the food in front of them and start enjoying it.

Still waiting for our hot sauce I got the attention of a waitress and asked her for some hot sauce. She said, “Right away”. But then we noticed that she went over to her POS system and entered in that we wanted hot sauce. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Get Bigger Clients Without Hiring More Staff


“I need more staff to look more professional and to win bigger projects.” I hear that all the time, and it’s simply an excuse.

If you want to build a consulting firm with several consultants that all produce value for your clients and company that’s great. I’ve worked and coached many consulting firm owners and showed them how to attract more clients and increase their revenues.

Use strategic fees and pricing to increase your average project size and compensation.

In this case, I’m referring to independent consultants or firms with less than 3 people who believe that adding more staff and consultants to their team will magically allow them to land bigger projects.

If that’s what you believe, get ready for a big slap of reality.

Adding more staff to your team is a fixed cost. It costs you money each and every month to keep those staff regardless of whether you’re bringing more money in. That’s not the road to rapid growth.

Other dangers exist as well. More staff means more bureaucracy and more distractions.

Instead, here are 5 ways to land bigger projects, clients and increase revenues:

Continue Reading

Getting Clients Is What Counts


You’re a consultant and you know doing great work for your clients counts.

But it’s not the most important aspect of your business…

Getting clients is.

If you don’t get clients you have no one to do great work for.

And doing great work isn’t the hard part.

For success in this business you must be focused on your marketing and client acquisition.

For the vast majority of consultants I speak with – and I talk with many – attracting and landing their ideal clients is the challenge.

People see this all wrong.

Just the other day a consultant told me that he was thinking to split payment with his partners like this:

25% for the person that brings in the business

75% for the people doing the work

Why would the person taking on the hardest part in the process get the lowest percentage?

That’s ludicrous.

For success in this business you must be focused on your marketing and client acquisition.

It’s the only way you’ll enjoy a thriving business. Continue Reading

How to Double and Triple Your Consulting Business Revenue


Corrie Banks is very good at what she does.

She’s an expert in supply chain and logistics. And she works with some of the countries top corporations.

Yet she wasn’t reaching her full potential.

After leaving her corporate job Corrie worked damn hard to grow her business.

And while she was seeing results they weren’t what she knew she wanted and deserved.

In this interview you’ll hear why Corrie joined my coaching program for consultants. More importantly, you’ll learn the steps we worked on together and that she implemented to see a significant increase in her business.

How significant? Listen to the interview below…

Update… I just received this from Corrie:

“Michael Zipursky is a great coach, leader and mentor. His training systems and coaching program have helped me triple my client list, quadruple my revenue. He’s also helped me be more efficient and effective with managing my time. His program has paid huge dividends, and has transformed my business.”
– Corrie Banks, President
Triskele Logistics and Consulting

To learn more about the coaching program and how you too can land more clients and double your income, visit the Coaching for Consultants page.

The Foundation of Marketing a Consulting Business


If you want to land more clients and increase your income stop what you’re doing.

Because what you’re doing today may not get you to where you want to go.

Chasing the latest ‘hot’ marketing tactic is the WRONG approach.

Each week I speak with consultants that are doing what they believe they should be to land more clients and get more business.

They follow what they’ve read in some marketing book or on some internet marketing blog.

The advice they get may not be bad. In fact, sometimes it can work quite well.

The problem, and this is a common problem, is that it may not work for you.

The marketing and strategy that works for one business or one consultant may or may not be the right one for you.

Your ideal clients and buyers have different preferences and habits.

Chasing the latest ‘hot’ marketing tactic is the wrong approach.

Just because someone says it’s working for them, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

You can try all the marketing in the world and yet most of it will flop unless you’ve taken the time to create your foundation.

So what can you do?

Go back to the fundamentals.

You need to establish a strong foundation for your business.

To have great clarity around your ideal clients.

Your value proposition.

And to know how to get their attention and engage them in a meaningful conversation.

You can try all the marketing in the world and yet most of it will flop unless you’ve taken the time to create your foundation. Continue Reading

Day in the Life of a Successful Consultant


I’ve been asked by several consultants in my coaching program how I get so much done?

I start the day with a clear plan. I have everything that needs to get accomplished during the day written down and I prioritize to start with the most important.

How I run two growing companies and manage to maintain freedom and a great lifestyle.

So before I share with you my thoughts on that, here’s what yesterday looked like for me, and it’s quite a typical day.

  • I’m up and at the gym just after 6am for a short morning workout.
  • Come back, breakfast, shower, refresh, and some morning reading.
  • We processed several thousand dollars in payments from clients.
  • Just before 8am I started to write two articles for
  • Had a coaching call with a client in my coaching program.
  • Two sales calls. One new client signed up and the other will decide tomorrow.
  • Around noon I have a quick lunch.
  • For the next 1.5 hrs I was on a group coaching call with my clients.
  • Around 2pm I went for a swim.
  • At 3:15 I went for my one hour massage.
  • I called back a prospective client who joined my coaching program and processed their payment for several thousand dollars.
  • Throughout the day our businesses are making sales.
  • Around 6pm I sent a few more emails and wound the day down.
  • Had dinner and then read until 8pm.
  • Decided to watch a movie based on the true story of power, politics and crime in the Philippines.
  • Read in bed for 30-40mins before going to sleep.

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The Best Investment a Consultant Can Make


Where is the best place to invest your money to achieve the greatest return?

A regular savings account will offer you a paltry return.

You’re lucky if you can get a 2% return with a high-interest savings account. Most accounts will over 1.2-1.8%.

You can try to hold off investing in your business for as long as you can, just remember that the longer you do that, the longer it will take you to see BIG results.

With the current rate of inflation at 2%, your money, sitting in such a position is losing value rather than gaining value.

Next you might choose a conservative fund or some bonds and ‘rake in’ a 4% return. Nothing to get excited about.

Getting into the equity markets with stocks is where you’ll find the highest opportunity for a return. Most investors are jumping for joy to achieve a return greater than 12% consistently. Most aim for 10% and historical averages produce slightly less than that.

A Great Investing Lie

Here’s where things get interesting.

Let’s say you have $5000 to invest and you achieve a spectacular 12% return every year for 5 years. At the end of the fifth year, you’ll have turned the $5000 into $8,811.71

On average that means you’ll make $762.34 each year from your $5000 investment over the 5 years.

Does that sound exciting?

If you are looking to grow your consulting income and create more wealth for yourself and your family would you choose this investment strategy as your main one?

If you said, yes to either of these questions, you’re likely leaving a GREAT deal of money on the table. Continue Reading

On Growth and Stagnation


If you want to be great, stop focusing on your weaknesses.

Each and every one of us has strengths and weaknesses.

Focusing on your strengths establishes a confident mindset filled with possibilities and opportunities.

Focusing on your weaknesses turns something weak into something average.

Focusing on your strengths turns something strong into something exceptional.

Our minds can only think one thought at a time.

Focusing on your weaknesses establishes a weak mindset filled with doubt and negativity.

Focusing on your strengths establishes a confident mindset filled with possibilities and opportunities. Continue Reading