How to Achieve Anything You Want In Business and Life


You CAN do anything.

You’ve probably heard that before.

Our focus is on serving our clients and helping them to get results. That doesn’t require that we sit right in front of them.

The funny thing is that while many people dismiss this simple idea, it’s so TRUE.

I’m sitting in my office in Japan as I write this.

I’m here for three months.

They Thought I Was Crazy

I had a lot of people think I’m crazy to ‘go away’ for three months.

“What about your business?” they said.

Or “You’re so lucky”, as if luck has anything to do with it.

The receptionist at the massage lounge I visit asked if I was ‘retired’. “How can you go to Japan for that long…you must have a nice boss?!” Well, thank you, I think I’m pretty nice myself.

Here’s what most people miss…

Overnight Success? Yeah Right…

This didn’t happen overnight.

I didn’t wake up one day and pack my bags and tell my wife and daughter we were going to Japan for 3 months.

This was planned well in advance.

My wife is from Japan. She’s on maternity leave and I thought it would be a great opportunity for everyone to meet our daughter Rei and for her to spend more time visiting with her family and friends. Continue Reading

How to Face Your Fears and Overcome Them to Succeed

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Hi, it’s Michael Zipursky again and I want to ask you a question – one that can have a profound impact on your life and on your business.  And that question is:

What drives you – what really drives you to do what you’re doing?


Why are you doing it?

As consultants going through our daily lives, working on client projects, prospecting – just working on growing your businesses, you will (like I have before) almost always face uncertainty.

You will stare fear directly in the eye and you will need to make a choice. You will either choose to let fear win and you will hold back taking more action. You will find reasons to delay. You will use any excuse that comes to you and allow it to pull back your progress.


You can make the other choice: which is to look fear in the eye and say, “Thank you, but no thank you. I’ll keep moving forward and I will keep taking action because that’s what will get the result that I want. That’s what will allow me to be successful, to reach that next level.”

You could be doing – and you can be doing – anything you want. That’s the reality. You’ve chosen to do what you are doing for a reason.

In times like this, when you are facing fear in the eye, ask yourself and remind yourself why you’re doing what you are doing and what (or who) it is that really drives you. Is it your spouse? Children? Is it your parents? Your community? Is it the legacy that you want to leave?

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Continue Reading

Why Some Consultants Are More Successful Than Others

Let’s talk about coaching for consultants.

Before we do, let me ask you a question: Name for me one Olympic athlete who has reached that level of skill and proficiency without having a coach?

Name for me one world-class chess player who has never been mentored or coached by a chess master, or a singer that has sold millions of albums who has never been coached to perfect their tune, their pitch and their singing abilities.


You’ll have a hard time doing so and that’s for a good reason. The vast majority if not all of the most successful people in any given industry don’t get there alone.

Secret of the Most Successful

It’s not because they aren’t smart. It’s not because they aren’t good or they don’t have skills. It’s because they realize that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You know what you know.

Within a couple of months of working with that coach, my business had increased revenue by about $5000 per month.

The model that you’re using right now in your business has got you to the place that you’re at, at this exact time.

If you want to go to the next level, if you want to achieve greater success, simply doing what you’re currently isn’t going to get you there.

My Past Experience

I remember the first time, even before actually I started working with a coach to help me to grow my business, I was struggling.

The results that I was seeing were less than ideal, we can say.

I was generating some revenues and income but it wasn’t growing the business at the pace that I wanted to.

I wasn’t able to attract the amount of clients that I wanted to, or to earn the types of fees that I wanted to. Continue Reading

The Best Investment a Consultant Can Make


Where is the best place to invest your money to achieve the greatest return?

A regular savings account will offer you a paltry return.

You’re lucky if you can get a 2% return with a high-interest savings account. Most accounts will over 1.2-1.8%.

You can try to hold off investing in your business for as long as you can, just remember that the longer you do that, the longer it will take you to see BIG results.

With the current rate of inflation at 2%, your money, sitting in such a position is losing value rather than gaining value.

Next you might choose a conservative fund or some bonds and ‘rake in’ a 4% return. Nothing to get excited about.

Getting into the equity markets with stocks is where you’ll find the highest opportunity for a return. Most investors are jumping for joy to achieve a return greater than 12% consistently. Most aim for 10% and historical averages produce slightly less than that.

A Great Investing Lie

Here’s where things get interesting.

Let’s say you have $5000 to invest and you achieve a spectacular 12% return every year for 5 years. At the end of the fifth year, you’ll have turned the $5000 into $8,811.71

On average that means you’ll make $762.34 each year from your $5000 investment over the 5 years.

Does that sound exciting?

If you are looking to grow your consulting income and create more wealth for yourself and your family would you choose this investment strategy as your main one?

If you said, yes to either of these questions, you’re likely leaving a GREAT deal of money on the table. Continue Reading

Shortchanging Yourself on the Road to Success


Too often consultants make poor decisions when it comes to growing their business and becoming more successful.

Society pounds us with sayings like “every dollar counts.”

Your decision should always be based on value. What is going to help you to get where you want to go as quickly and effectively as possible.

And it’s true, it does.

Yet this saying is dangerous when it comes to investing in your personal development, business and success.

This saying pushes us to the lowest dollar option. To the cheaper solution.

Let’s say you’re thinking of improving your skills in a specific area this year. You find two programs that can help you. One is for $500 and the other is for $750.

That’s a $250 difference. Does it matter?

It shouldn’t! Your decision shouldn’t come down to a difference of $250, or even $500 or $1000.

Your decision should always be based on value. What is going to help you to get where you want to go as quickly and effectively as possible. Continue Reading

What’s Holding You Back From Making Your Goals a Reality


We are now well into March. The short lived snow we had in the city has melted. The buzz of New Year’s resolutions has faded.

I’m not preaching from a high pedestal here my friend. I’ve been in your shoes. I used to believe that I could do everything myself. I’d try to ‘save’ money that way.

By this time you’ll know whether or not the goals you’ve set for this year are on track. So my friend, how are you doing? Are you well on your way to making your goals a reality?

If you are, congratulations. If you’re not, my friend, it’s time to get help…

Make This Year a Success

I want you to make this year a fantastic success for yourself. Let’s not fool ourselves. If you haven’t taken action on your plans yet, if you’re not significantly closer to reaching your goals by this time in the year, it’s unlikely, yes highly unlikely, that you’re going to get there by yourself.

If your goal was to eat better and lose some weight and it hasn’t started to happen, it’s time that you speak with a dietician or nutrition expert. Maybe team up with a friend and commit to each other to make it happen.

If going to gym is your goal and you’re just not making it happen. It’s time to hire a trainer and signup for a program to ensure you make that goal a reality.

If you decided that this year you’re going to land more clients and grow your business and income, and it hasn’t started to happen yet, it’s time you join my marketing for consultants program.

The Mistake We Make

As business owners and consultants, one of the biggest mistakes we can make is trying to do everything ourselves. We trick ourselves into believing that we don’t need help. And that’s dangerous.

Because not only do we waste time and money when we try to accomplish everything ourselves…the lack of results we often see crushes our confidence.

I’m not preaching from a high pedestal here my friend. I’ve been in your shoes. I used to believe that I could do everything myself. I’d try to ‘save’ money that way.

The problem was, it cost me a lot more. Continue Reading

The Laziest Complaint Ever?


It never ceases to amaze me how small minded some people are.

They spend their lives trying to find the negative in every situation instead of looking for the positive and appreciating it.

Are you the kind of person that always looks for ‘what’s wrong’ and the negative in every situation? Or are you always looking for the positive?

The other day I published an article sharing with you how to increase your consulting fees.

One lady writes me and says “Please remove…if you can’t spell this is not worth my time!”

By the way, she has the acronym “MCC” after her name. Does that stand for Master Chief Complainer?

Not only does she want to complain that I made a spelling or grammatical mistake somewhere in my article, she emails me to ‘remove her’.

Every email comes with an unsubscribe link. You’re free to go any time you want. All she had to do was click one link and “poof” she’d get no more emails from me.

Clearly she needs to be in control and wants to make sure that I know ‘I made a mistake’.

And I guess her time is so valuable that she decided to use it to tell me that.

I also received about 5 other emails from consultants thanking me for the tips I shared and several other comments on the article itself. All positive.

My question to you my friend is, which approach are you taking in your life?

Are you the kind of person that always looks for ‘what’s wrong’ and the negative in every situation? Or are you always looking for the positive?

When your head isn’t dragging you down, it’s amazing how many more opportunities you see. How much more you get done. And how much greater success you’ll see in your life and in your business.

What would you do in this situation?

It Almost Killed Him


The other night I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

It’s the story of one Australian, Joe Cross, who goes on a “juice fast” – where he only drinks juice for 60 days.

What is it that holding you back? What are your reasons (aka. excuses) for not going after and getting what you want.

At the start of the film Joe is overweight, has poor health and is facing a painful skin disease that requires constant medication.

The film follows Joe’s journey throughout the 60 days as Joe loses weight, becomes a much healthier and happier person, and no longer requires his medication.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

…Because of what happens next…

Joe meets several people throughout his journey, one of them being a truck driver who has the same skin disease as Joe, but is also significantly overweight.

In fact, his weight of 429lbs is choking the life out of him.

He’s depressed. His father feels he might be suicidal. He can’t see his own feet when looking down and going to the washroom is a challenge.

Joe offers to help…and after some time the guy accepts.

He agrees to go on a 10 day juice only diet. To do this he needs to take time-off from his job – he’s a truck driver constantly on the road.

Over the next ten days you see the start of a transformation.

He decides to extend and go for 30 days.

A guy that could barely walk from his front door to the car door is now going for brisk walks.

He starts swimming again – a passion of his that he’d long forgotten.

It’s not easy though…

Everyone around him is digging into big heavy meals, fast-food and sugary drinks – what he used to eat every day.

His own family, many who are overweight themselves, say it’s good for him to do it, but that they never could. Continue Reading

A Timeless Principle of Consulting Success


Are you distracted?

After working with businesses and entrepreneurs over the last 14+ years, if you’re not seeing the growth you want, I can confidently guess the answer to that question is “yes”.

We all know what happens when you take your eye off the ball. Without a clear focus on that ball the chance of hitting the ball out of the park are slim to none.

Yet, that’s exactly what many consultants are doing.

Watch your expenses carefully. Spend wisely. It doesn’t matter how much you have coming in if most of it is going out.

Are you one of them?

Are you trying to keep up with all the latest technologies and tools?

Drowning in information overload?

All of this causes you to lose sight of what’s really important.

Jim Rohn, one of America’s best known business philosophers, shared a great lesson on this topic in one of his books.

It came to him a long time ago from his mentor, Earl Shoaff, yet it’s just as applicable today…

The lesson is this: “there are always a half-dozen things that make eighty percent of the difference.”

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, what your consulting specialization is, the lesson holds true.

Each of these half-dozen things has a major impact on your business.

When you focus on these, your business grows. When your focus on them fades your business does too. Continue Reading

You Can’t Copy Success


Robin Sharma, the leadership expert and author of The Leader Who Had No Title loves getting on stage in front of big crowds. He records low-budget videos from exotic locations and his hotel rooms to spread his message to the world.

JK Rowling used to lug around her typewriter from cafe to cafe. Her child got tired during each walk and when they arrived at the cafe JK would use the quiet time to write her next chapter. That’s how Harry Potter was born.

Gary Halbert, considered by many to be one of the greatest copywriters ever, was rarely seen on video. He would do the occasional talk, but rather preferred writing his famous The Gary Halbert Letter, a newsletter packed with advice for students of marketing and copywriting.

All three are considered masters at the trade. But they all employ(ed) different tactics.

You just need to make that selection based on your passions, goals and skills…and not just because you saw it work for someone else.

You’re often led to believe that one way of marketing your services is better than another.

That social media rocks. Only to find out the next week that webinars are better.

Here’s the thing…there is no better or best.

As my example shows, you don’t need to follow the exact path that others have taken to become successful.

In fact, doing so usually provides disappointing results.

You need to learn from others around you. Take in as much knowledge and learning as you can.

But then it’s your job to apply it in a way that works for you.

What do you excel at?

Do you love getting in front of a camera? Love doing live events? Maybe writing or doing podcasts?

Each and everyone one of these can and does work.

You just need to make that selection based on your passions, goals and skills…and not just because you saw it work for someone else.

To your success!