Marketing Consultant Jay Ehret

Jay Ehret is a marketing consultant, speaker and owner of The Marketing Spot and blogger at The Marketing Spot Blog. He works with his clients to build their brands, create memorable customer experiences and develop effective advertising. A love of wine and poker player, when Jay is not speaking around the USA, you can find him just outside of Waco, Texas where he calls home.

1. What is the best part of your job?

The best part is that I love what I do. I love working together with clients to build a marketing plan. They let me inside their business and I get to positively influence the future of their company.

2. Tell us a bit about The Marketing Spot and how you started the company?

I worked in radio advertising for 17 years but knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. However, I really didn’t know what type of business I wanted to own. Believe it or not, I thought I was going to open up a coin-laundry facility and even did a business plan for one. But I thought the return on investment was too low, and coin laundry owners have to know something about maintenance, and that’s not me.

So in the spring of 2001 I went to an Entrepreneur Magazine conference/showcase in Fort Lauderdale to get some inspiration, and I did. The event was not well run, some of the speakers didn’t show, the ones that did weren’t very good. My inspiration was that I could teach this stuff more effectively than Entrepreneur magazine. I was already a sales trainer at Clear Channel Communications and my m.o. with clients was to educate them as I helped them. So that’s when I decided I would start my own marketing company with an emphasis on education.

That was May and for the next four months I laid the groundwork for The Marketing Spot (the name was chosen because that web domain was available). I decided my start date would be October 1, 2001 and I would give my employer two weeks’ notice on Monday, September 17th. Then came the tragedy of 9-11 and I had to make a decision whether or not to move forward. After talking about it with my wife, and worrying about it all weekend, that Monday morning, the 17th, I decided to turn my notice and move forward

3. Give us a glimpse into what your typical day looks like and what you do to keep a solid work-life balance (if you feel you have one)?

I mostly office from my home office, so I’m usually at my computer by 6:30 in the morning. My early mornings are spent reading and creating content such as blog posts, podcasts, articles, learning courses. By mid-morning I may be meeting with a client or working on client projects.

Two days per week I play basketball at a lunchtime businessman’s game. Then back to the office for more client projects or out in the field meeting with clients. I also meet with several clients by Skype. By mid to late afternoon my mind is a little fried, so I will pack up my laptop and either head to my satellite office or to a Starbucks to do some thinking, reading, working. In the early evenings I may work out or go to a local civic function. At night, I will usually sneak in to my office to do a little work. But mostly nights are spent with my wife.

I work a lot of hours because I mostly work from home, but I have a pretty good work-life balance. I spend a lot of time with my wife, we usually watch the grandkids some on the weekends. And every Friday or Saturday night we go out on a date. My wife and I will also travel 3-4 times per year. We are very active in our church and that keeps us busy too. Continue Reading

Calling All Consultants: It’s Time to Fail

There’s no time like now to fail. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Damn, Michael, what’s up with all that negativity?”

Here’s the thing, there’s nothing wrong with failure itself…it’s the way you handle it that makes it a negative or positive experience.

Babe Ruth, the grandiose home run star of the baseball world was famous for striking out more than most. He took more chances … and as a result he hit more home runs than anyone else at that time.

And it’s not just Babe Ruth!

Take a look at the list of baseball stars famous for their high level of performance – many of them are at the top of baseball’s most strikeouts list. Continue Reading

Make Your Mark with an Internet Consulting Business

If you have business experience on the Internet are now interested in helping others succeed online, you may want to consider starting an Internet consulting business. Within this field, you will be responsible for helping online business owners develop new strategies for success, creating top-notch marketing planning, developing social media strategies, and providing advice that specifically relates to their unique circumstances and online needs.

A great example would be consulting and helping out with struggling virtual storefronts. Standard sales practices will not apply, leaving traditional offline entrepreneurs confused and frustrated. That’s where you’ll come in. By offering a specialty and online consulting knowledge you should be able to help companies like this get back on track and have a solid road map of how they can achieve success online. Continue Reading

8 Ways to Make Your Business Website More Effective

You’d be hard pressed to find a consultant or consulting firm that doesn’t have a website, business blog, or some form of online presence. Unfortunately, the number of truly effective websites is but a small percentage.

Many consultants fall victim to telling their clients what they need to do in order to increase sales, productivity … yet they themselves haven’t implemented these suggestions in their own businesses. And I must admit I too have been guilty of this.

When it comes to your website, there are simple and straightforward ways to increase your website’s power … and its ability to generate hot leads and new business for your firm. Continue Reading

Breaking Down SEO Consulting Services

I was just doing my daily blog surfing round today and I came across a great video that I think would be useful for either search engine optimization consultants or for small business owners thinking about hiring out some SEO services. The good folks over at produced a short 10 minute video all about the topic that I’ve embedded below.

It takes a look at some of the key questions you should be asking as well as some of the goals you should be discussing with your clients before you start working on any search optimization related project. I especially like the portion on “training” and the way it can be worked into your consulting services.

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Do You Need SEO Consulting? from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo.

Business Promotion: Article Writing Strategies

Publishing your consulting articles is an important part of getting your name out to the business and marketing world. Becoming acknowledged as a readable, authoritative source is a gold mine. Consultants who get their articles in the right places get contacts, fans, and clients from their writing work. The return on your publishing efforts will yield both short and long-term benefits.

Today, especially with the Internet it is fairly easy to distribute and track the results of your publishing efforts. Consultants should make themselves available to their readership. This means in all your article submissions and PR news releases you should include links to your website or blog and your email address if you want.

If your articles are well written and making sense to people who read them, you will no doubt hear from the readership and grow your website traffic. Below I just wanted to give you seven tips for writing effective articles to use for publicity. Continue Reading

Promote Your Consulting Services With Writing

Anytime a marketing consultant puts pen to paper, a statement is being made. The printed, or published, word reflects upon the author and the company they represent. Print or online published articles can spread your consulting firm’s name and attract prospective clients as quickly as poorly conceived or positioned articles can chase them away.

Business professionals that develop writing skills and who commit to a sustained publishing effort will attract new clients and generate leads. Like all components of your marketing plan, the success of a writing program is measured by the number of leads generated by the material.

Existing and potential clients tend to read articles and absorb information about topics that relate to their niche. Consultants who write effectively gain notoriety and needed exposure through their writing on blogs, in magazines, and in article directories on the Internet. Continue Reading

Advertising Guidelines for Online Marketing

When developing online advertising plans for your consulting business, your expanding practice must be disciplined. New firms find it tempting and a bit overwhelming to be faced with aggressive advertisers. All advertisers have a schedule that will boost your image, spread the word and guarantee results – so they all say.

Your job is to sift through the faulty offers and find the most effective advertising venue for your consulting business.

This requires discipline. But you need to ensure you stay within your well-considered marketing plan. Be strong. When in doubt, let your budget show you the way. Your advertising budget puts a tangible marketing-advertising correlation up front and on the table, right where it belongs. When contemplating your advertising options, never lose sight of what you need to accomplish in order to land in positive ROI territory . Continue Reading

Into Social Media: The Power of LinkedIn

Here’s an interesting video that all consultants should take notice of. It’s about LinkedIn – the social media network for professionals of all kinds. This video specifically looks at the field of Political Consulting but it is applicable for any field you might be in.

Now I must be clear here, the video is a promotional video – looks to me like it was created by LinkedIn. However, there are some important messages for consultants in this video and I believe it will likely turn on a few light bulbs in your mind – if only briefly – and get you thinking.

Have a look.