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151 Quick Marketing Ideas to Get Customers: Book Review

Have you ever picked up a book that inspired you right away?

As if a switch has been turned on in your brain. The lights go from dim to halogen level. Your mind starts to process what you’ve just read and begins to relate it to your own situation.

Ever had that happen to you?

As someone that reads as many books as I have a chance to, this feeling isn’t foreign. Yet I enjoy and welcome it now just as much as the first time I was ‘struck’.

Well, that happened recently when I was reviewing a copy of 151 Quick Ideas to Get New Customers by Jerry R. Wilson (published by Career Press).

This compact book packs a punch.

On every page you’ll find one marketing strategy, tactic, customer service idea, and approach that will help to land more consulting clients and grow your business.

The structure Wilson uses for this book is wonderful. He starts each idea by explaining the concept. He then goes on to provide a real life example of how that concept was put into action. That’s a powerful combination!

Ideas include:

  • Help, Don’t Sell
  • Targeting Your Prospect’s Interest
  • All Buyers Are Liars
  • Bo In Naked
  • Customize x 3
  • Do you Qualify?
  • Make It Easy to Buy
  • Free Still Works
  • One Magic Work
  • Label What Differentiates you

As the title suggests there are 151 ideas to help you in this book. They are quick. Wilson doesn’t spend much time on each. He’s taken the approach of giving you just enough information for you to take the idea and start moving forward with it.

This is the kind of book you pick up, scan, read some more, put it down…and then keep coming back to.

A great read and recommended.

You can get a copy of it on Amazon here.


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