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2 Powerful Tips for Controlling Your Consulting Brand Online

By Sam Zipursky

Do you have a strategy in place that is helping you control how people are finding out about you online? When someone types your name or your consulting company’s name into Google what kind of results do they find? These are really important questions that hopefully you’re already thinking about and also acting on. If not, don’t sweat it because today I’m going to review a few strategies (that actually work) for controlling the results people see when they search for you online!

1. Register Your Domains
In SEO (search engine optimization) domain names hold lots of weight and rank very high in search engines so if available make sure to register the .com of your personal name (e.g. and of also the .com of your business name (e.g.

This may sound obvious but you’d be surprised at how many consultants and freelancers I meet out there that still don’t have their domains registered – amazing!

If you have a common personal name that someone else has already registered then think outside the box and come up with something that makes sense for you (e.g. If you have a business name that someone else has already registered I’d probably go as far as saying that should re-think the name you are using for your consulting or freelancing company – come up with a unique name that you can claim and brand for your own!

2. Register You Social Media Accounts
This is another one that many consultants forget about. Make sure you register and set up your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts with your personal name in them and then again with your business name in them.

The reason for this is social media sites like Twitter or LinkedIn are also very powerful in SEO and if your personal or company name are in your accounts you will rank well in the search engines when people look for you online.

Example of these 2 strategies in action
In case anyone is wondering I want to show you how I’ve registered my personal brand online and it has worked great for me so far (I must admit I did this 2-3 years ago and I also have a rare last name)


Notice how in all of the above I have used the exact same name and when you type “Sam Zipursky” into Google you’ll see how I’m able to control the main results!

I’d love to hear what you folks think of this post and what kind of strategies you’re using online to control either you business or personal brand result?

7 thoughts on “2 Powerful Tips for Controlling Your Consulting Brand Online

  1. Mark Edwards says:

    Great tips. I need to do more of both! Thanks.

    • Sam Zipursky says:

      Cheers Mark!

  2. I would also add that you may want to ensure you secure your name and company name in the top blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger. Perhaps even set up accounts for Google and Hotmail even if you don’t use them. You don’t want anyone else to use them.

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