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2 Ways Consultants Use Conference Calls to Build Business

By Michael Zipursky
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There’s no question that one-on-one consulting with clients is the most popular method around. But it’s not the only approach on the block…

Conference calls may sound outdated and boring, yet they’re actually very effective lead generators and are great for group client calls.

Let’s break both of these strategies down and then dig into each…

Lead Generation Using Conference Calls
I’ve shared with you before the impact of offering a free white paper or report to prospective buyers. It works and works extremely well.

While these mediums are great you can often pack a lot more emotion and feeling into a call (through voice) than you can through paper. And that’s where the conference call adds big value.

You can have prospects sign up for a free call on “The 10 Ways to be a Better Manager” if you’re a management consultant … or whatever it is you’ll cover. On the day of the call, everyone that signed up for it would dial in with the number you provide them with. They can then listen to you and a guest talk about this in as much detail as you choose to provide.

Conference call services will also record your calls so you can receive a CD or MP3 of the call and distribute it to more potential leads or use it for other marketing purposes later on.

The beauty of this is that you can actually engage with the callers, field their questions and do your ‘selling’ and educating right on the spot.

Group Client Consulting Using Conference Calls
Group consulting can work in many ways. For some clients the cost of individual consulting will be too high, so instead of paying you $3000 a month let’s say… they may opt to pay $500/month for a group call with other like minded business owners, instead of the one-on-one.

What’s nice about this for you is that if you often end up spending less time (as you’ve rounded up many clients to one place) and you end up making more money per hour than you would otherwise with standard one-on-one consulting.

The other benefit of group calls is that the participants can get involved in the call and help support each other – this is really powerful stuff.

Many mastermind groups work off this principle. Even with the instructor present, the participants (your clients) can often add greater insight and ideas to the topic you’re discussing – which all clients benefit from.

There’s no doubt that in this day and age many of us are using online technologies like Skype, but don’t rule out the good old telephone conference call.

It can be a powerful tool to bring in new business and to build your business.

If you’ve had experience with conference calls to win new clients or to service your current ones I’d love to hear about it.

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