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3 Critical Questions for Consultants & the Must Have Skill Set

What is the most important skill that a consultant most possess?

I’ve just created this video to share with you why this skill is so critical to your success.

And I’ve offered you three ways to ask your ideal clients better questions – you’ll see why this matters in the video : )

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The most important skill you must have as a consultant is…

Watch the video to find out.

In the video I also share with you three 3 questions consultants often ask clients and why they should be avoided.

I provide you with alternative questions that are far more effective.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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16 thoughts on “3 Critical Questions for Consultants & the Must Have Skill Set

  1. Gbenga says:

    Great lessons. Simple yet powerful

  2. Stephen Brooks says:

    In the past I’ve made assumptions and preached when I should have listened and asked better questions. When I take the wrong approach I typically lose a customer who really needs what my services are. By having that disconnect we’re not able to help each other. I’m going to work smarter in the future. Thanks for this terrific advise.

  3. So practical, yet powerful and awesome. Change your questions, change your business! Love this!

  4. Mark younes says:

    Good job

  5. Kay says:

    This was great info

  6. Guest says:

    No wonder why I still don’t have clients now. Thanks for this video.

  7. doejimz says:

    No wonder why most of my clients are hesitant. I’m still a greenhorn to this field. I still need to learn many things. Thanks for this video.

  8. Virginia Nicols says:

    The budget question is SO great. Budget has nothing to do with value. (And of course, as you have said, your preliminary research should probably have given very good idea of what a customer is worth before you ever sit down to this conversation . . .)

  9. Guest says:

    Great presentation and very applicable practices. Thank you. I have one nagging question for you though: What do you do when your client has trouble answering some of the more probing questions you highlight in this presentation, such as “what is the value of one new client worth to you?” What if they have absolutely no idea? Do you find that clients generally value such points even if they can’t answer them? Or have you had experiences where they seemed to feel intimidated or put off by you highlighting the lack of such important knowledge?

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