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3 Reasons Consultants Should Start Blogging Today

By Sam Zipursky

Message from Michael Zipursky: I’m excited to have Sam Zipursky, my cousin and business partner share this article with you today. Sam plays an important role at Consulting Success®. While much of his work has been ‘behind the scenes’ today that changes. Sam specializes in branding and design. It’s his work you’ve seen come to life through the website and all our design and branding materials. Going forward Sam will be sharing tips, strategies and ideas for you on this blog to help increase creativity and maximize your online brand and presence.

It’s kind of like doing exercise, eating right, spending more time with our loved ones, and waking up early in the morning. We all know we should be doing these things and that they are good for our body, relationships, business, lifestyle, and health but getting into a habit and doing them consistently seems to be the tough part.

Learning is a great benefit that comes from blogging and it’s something most of us want to be doing everyday anyway so hey why not use blogging as one of your ways of learning and growing your knowledge.

For consultants getting into a routine of blogging isn’t any different – it’s great for business if you do it, but it needs to become a habit and it needs to get done!

Now if you’re reading this and already blogging on a regular basis, that’s amazing, you probably know the value and benefits of putting out quality content online and what it can do for your personal brand, your consulting business, your professional network, just to mention a few.

If you’re not blogging regularly about your consulting or business expertise now is a great time to begin and here are 3 great reasons you should pull up a chair, brew up some coffee and start blogging today:

Personal Branding & Getting Your Name Out to the World

By blogging about what you specialize in on a regular basis you become a known expert in that area. Take Michael for example (my cousin and business partner here at Mike’s been blogging on this site (and many other blogs) for several years now about his knowledge and experiences in the consulting trenches. He talks about marketing, dealing with clients, increasing fees, landing ideal clients, and so much more.

As a result of him making blogging a habit and constantly producing valuable content his expertise and name has really gotten out there. Many more opportunities have opened up, from international speaking engagements to podcast interviews to working with amazing high level clients in his coaching program. Many of these people found out about Michael through his blog posts and then got in touch with him that way.

The more quality and keyword rich content you put out there the more free traffic the search engines like Google will send your way.

You Get to Constantly Learn and Grow

Another great reason to blog consistently is you have to stay on top of your industry so you can keep dishing out relevant content that your readers will want to get into. You’ll need to read other industry blogs, read top business books, learn for other experts to see what they’re doing right and also perform research when writing some of your posts. Learning is a great benefit that comes from blogging and it’s something most of us want to be doing everyday anyway so hey why not use blogging as one of your ways of learning and growing your knowledge.

SEO Benefits and Being Found Online

The more quality and keyword rich content you put out there the more free traffic the search engines like Google will send your way. Search engines love to provide their users with excellent content on a whole range of subjects. Let me give you an example. A while back we created a Consulting Fees Calculator because lots of our customers were asking for one. Now take a look at the image below, when someone types in the keyword “Consulting Fees” into Google our website comes up as the 4th position, not too bad, for something we created a couple years ago.


I’ll talk about SEO in more detail in future articles but for now what you need to know is the more you create content and blog about your consulting and business expertise the more people will find out about you and your website. These folks that find you can end up turning into connections, leads, and also future clients of your products and services.

There are tons of other benefits to blogging but these were just a few to get your blogging itch going. Like any other habit we know we should do and want to do, the key is to just get started and as Nike says “Just do it!”

10 thoughts on “3 Reasons Consultants Should Start Blogging Today

  1. Great points! But I think one reason more consultants don’t blog is because writing is only one part of the equation. You still have to distribute the content, promote it, and achieve engagement and backlinks to really get the SEO boost. When busy seeking clients or working with them, the issues are time and resources for many consultants.

    • Hi Alice, thank you for the feedback and checking out the post!

      It’s true what you say, it is only one part of the equation but personally I don’t think that’s a good reason not to do it or to start.

      That’s like saying I’m not going to start going to the gym in order to loose weight because that’s just one part of a way bigger equation. I’d also have to eat healthy, eat smaller portions, get vitamins, make sure I get good sleeps each night, etc.

      I personally would rather take some action then no action and in the case of blogging just the action of getting your writing going starts to get the whole process moving.

      Thanks again for joining the conversation!

  2. Great article Sam. These are good reasons for almost anyone to blog for career management, but it’s even more important for a consultant.

    • Thanks Lew, your words are appreciated! I agree with you if any professional is looking to grow their business or personal brand blogging is a fabulous way to go about it 🙂

      Thanks for joining the convo!

  3. Virginia Nicols says:

    You mentioned something that I have never read anywhere else, and that is how blogging forces you to keep learning! Heck, learning is what makes it exciting and fun!

    • Nice one Virginia, definitely learning is one of my favorite things as well, daily rituals!

  4. Rohan Bhatt says:

    So true. The best way to get people to start talking about you and your organization is to be present with the information and knowledge that matters to them and blogging is the way to go about it.

    • Nice one Rohan, thanks for the comment and checking out the conversation!

  5. Humberto González Lara says:

    Thanks. This article helps to overcome fears for blogging.

    • For sure! Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your blogging!

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