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3 Tips for Staying Productive in Summer Weather

Do these amazing summer days affect your consulting productivity in a good or bad way? Well I’m not sure about you folks, but over the years as a freelance business consultant based in Vancouver (a city known for its cloudy, cold, and rainy weather) I find that when these extraordinary summer days hit the city really want to spend more time outside enjoying life, patios, good food, and the nature the city offers.

I’ve already realized that even though the weather is great, business has to go on as usual. So how have I dealt with this? Well I’ve come up with a few summer fixes so that I can enjoy the weather and still get tons of work done.

1. Arrange Meetings in Good Spots
Vancouver is known for it’s outdoor eateries, patios, and cafes. So what do I do so I can get a piece of the action and still keep the biz moving? I logically offer up meeting spots that have outdoor seating, are near the ocean or a park, or have tons of sunlight and summer breeze passing through the place – this technique alone works wonders.

2. Schedule Your Day Differently
During these lovely summer months I change up my work schedule a bit. So what do I do that’s different? Split my work day into different parts. The first stage is about 8am – 3:30pm, then I work out and enjoy the sun for a few hours, then work a few more hours in the evening after dinner and the sunset.

3. Use Wi-Fi to Your Advantage
These days many cities and towns in North America and Europe have pretty good Wi-Fi connectivity and summer time is a great time to take advantage of the mobile life. If you search around your city you can find some great places to work outdoors or at least with a good view.

A couple places that I enjoy working from are the local library as it’s in a vibrant area of downtown, has tons of natural light, and has free Wi-Fi. I also like going to cafes that have outdoor seating in the shade. I grab a coffee or two and get into an hour or two of work.

Now it’s your turn! Does the weather affect your productivity? How do you deal with it and have you found any tips you can share here with the community?


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8 thoughts on “3 Tips for Staying Productive in Summer Weather

  1. It's summer in Palm Springs and the snow birds have flown the coop. I'm launching a new business, so the hours are long, but the excitement and passion, keep me going. I'm an early bird and start my work day at 5:30 am, work until 7:00 am, then take the dogs for a walk, have a light breakfast, shower and it's back to work again until 3:00 – 3:30. Like Sam, I head for the pool or the gym, for a light workout, returning refreshed and ready for a few more hours.

  2. Hi Sam, as a parent, I have the added challenge of teenagers at home (and I work from a home office). I use your #2 suggestion, starting my day early, breaking for family time, and picking up again later in the day.

    I also do lots of networking events. Meeting new people and learning new things keeps me energized when the heat makes me want to just chill.

  3. Maryle – I hear you with launching a new business, we're doing the same with a few businesses so the goals keep us working on sunny days! 5:30am I haven't been able to start my day at that time yet bu I know from experience that early mornings are a great time to get a few solid hours of concentrated work done.

    Joellyn – I've also been pretty busy with the networking events and summer they pick up even more. I know what you mean if you work hard and then head out to a nice place for some networking it keeps the work day balanced for sure!

  4. Deirdre Rowland says:

    Three excellent tips for summer. I travel a fair bit between Vancouver, the Gulf Island (where I live and
    work) and Victoria. When I have time I meet clients on Salt Spring, visit local eateries and then send them off on the float plane or ferry. Then I head to one of three gorgeous lakes and go for a swim.

  5. 3 Tips for Staying Productive in Summer Weather…

    Who says you can`t get any work done as a freelancer or consultant during these summer months. Here are 3 tips to help you stay productive during the summer……

  6. Great way to break up the day. Doing work in time segments is the way to go. You are able to keep your focus, and get things done in blocks of time. This much more efficient and effective.

  7. Johnson says:

    Hi Sam – been reading your post. I am a Corporate Strategy Consultant based in Dubai and out here its blazing hot in the summer with temps going well above 45'C – that's around 115F and above. However the indoors in whole city is air-conditioned and we have some the world's best malls. Dubai is also one of the world's best place in terms of global business.

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