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38 Marketing Methods to Jumpstart Your Consulting Business

Some consultants don’t market their consulting services enough. Others try and do too many things at once. What you should be doing is focusing on a 2-3 areas of marketing and do them well, very well.

When you’ve mastered one of those you can add another.

If you’re finding that one method isn’t working for you, and you’ve really given it a solid try, not once, but several times…it’s okay to switch it up and try another that might work better for you.

Here are 38 ideas to jump start your marketing:

1. Sales letters
2. Blogs
3. Websites
4. Social Media
5. SEO
6. Pay Per Click Advertising
7. Banner Ads
8. Postcards
9. Fax Blasts
10. Email Broadcasts
11. Email Newsletters
12. Print Newsletters
13. Print Advertising (Display)
14. Print Advertising (Classifieds)
15. Seminars
16. Presentations
17. Exhibits
18. Moderate a Panel
19. Networking
20. Referrals
21. Lunch Meetings
22. Direct Calling
23. Articles for Publications
24. Articles for Blogs
25. Whitepapers
26. Case Studies
27. Sponsorships
28. Directories
29. Radio
30. Television
31. Press Releases
32. Events
33. Critiques
34. Joint Ventures
35. Webinars
36. Publish a Book
37. Write an E-Book
38. Videos

Can you think of any others?

How many of these have you tried and which have worked best for you?


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15 thoughts on “38 Marketing Methods to Jumpstart Your Consulting Business

  1. Jun says:

    This is a great list. I found it a bit overwhelming however.

    • Jun – remember that this list is just to give you additional ideas, there’s no need (and in fact you shouldn’t) run too many marketing activities at once.

  2. Raul Minnos says:

    So many ideas I have yet to try and so I should get start on this.

    • Hi Raul – as mentioned to Jun above, I’d recommend against implementing too many marketing initiatives at once – you’ll stretch yourself too thin. Choose 2-4 from the list and create a strategy that incorporates them all, so they work to support each other, and then focus on those for a while. As you build each one and get it established you can tweak and adjust and add other channels as needed.

  3. Mainasarafina says:

    Great ideas you got there…. But in my country , seems like people are not really taking consultancy ofr what it is? They tend to think its a free service….. am a little challenged about this.

  4. This list contains vast information of marketing techniques in summarized form.

  5. Sasha Berson says:

    What is your specialty, Mainasarafina?

  6. naf says:

    how do i start advertising or getting a client for SEO?

  7. vinodh says:

    thanks for the list. you have mentioned the most important marketing methods.we have to master at least a few of them.


  8. Wozniak LLC says:

    Events/presentations have worked well for us. We really enjoy them and they seem to build credibility quickly.

  9. I love social media. You get to connect with fans/followers in a different way. The engagement is amazing and I love meeting new people!

  10. It’s a comprehensive list. Thank you for that.

    ***Some more specific ideas***

    • Google local visibility
    • Guest post on popular industry blogs
    • Organize communities on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+
    • Answer topical questions on Quora and other forums

    • Run a referral marketing program

  11. Vinod Shintre says:

    Excellent cheat sheet & following up on few of them as just getting started with end to end cloud consulting practice at Attribo

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