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Do People Really Know What You Do? 4 Examples of Consultants with Clear Brand Messaging

By Sam Zipursky

Do people really know what you do? This may sound like no brainer and obvious question and answer but it’s really not, let me explain further.

We recently launched a new side of the business and we now offer brand strategy and professional websites for consultants (update: we’ve winded down our website services to focus solely on coaching services). Through this program I’m getting the chance to work with and chat to more and more business people about their websites and brand strategy.

So the solution is actually quite simple. On your home page you need to tell visitors what you do in 1-2 sentences. Make sure this text is clearly designed and easy to notice and read as soon as users arrive on your website.

These consultants and coaches are high level experts in their field that understand the importance of branding but they simply don’t have a website yet or the one they do have is really out of date and often needs a complete re-design.

As I work with these professionals I’m starting to realize something very interesting that I’d like to share with you today, read this twice if you have to as it’s a game changer.

A lot of consultants really get and understand what they offer and specialize in but they don’t communicate it well to people that visit their website.

This is huge because if people are arriving on your website and don’t really know what you do then there’s a great chance they’ll just leave and you’ll lose them, most likely forever.

Remember they don’t leave your website because you aren’t offering what they need; in fact you and the services you offer may be exactly what they’re looking for.  They leave because they don’t know what you do and don’t want to spend their limited time to try to figure that out.

So the solution is actually quite simple. On your home page you need to tell visitors what you do in 1-2 sentences. Make sure this text is clearly designed and easy to notice and read as soon as users arrive on your website.

Below I’ll share with you 4 websites of consultants that are using the power of concise text and clean, simple design to instantly tell all visitors what they offer and what they specialize in.

Once users understand that, they can dig into the website to see more specific information on products, services, and other information that is being offered.

Rory Vaden – Self Discipline Expert

Rory Vaden is an author, consultant, entrepreneur and self-discipline expert. As you can see in the below design (his homepage) he has a clean design and some large text that sums up who he is and what he specializes in.


Brent Purves – Internet Marketing Expert & Coach

In this next example with Brent Purves you don’t see a photo but you do see a large text block explaining what Brent specializes in. Not only does he sum it up nicely he makes his exact specializations stand out using a different color text that is in bold which makes what he does even more clear to the visitor.


Debra Stuart – Toronto Freelance Copywriter

In this example I’ve chosen Debra Stuart, a freelance Toronto copywriter with a focus on marketing and branding. Debra has a sleek design with clear text that instantly tells readers what she specializes in. She also goes one step beyond and tells us what city she is based in. This can be very powerful as sometimes people are looking for someone they can work with in the same city, country or geographical region as them.


For the final example I’ve taken our own website as an example. When you arrive on our home page we actually have our main areas of focus written out two times in different ways. Once under our logo as a tagline “More Clients, Income, Success” and then again with our sign up form and beside Michael’s picture we say “Land More Clients, Increase Fees, Accelerate your Success”. By doing it this way we’ve simply stated what our website is about in a nutshell and users can decide to leave or dig further into our content, products and services based on that.


Final Thoughts

So there you have it folks, some examples of consultants and consulting websites that are really communicating what they do quickly once you arrive on their site.

After going through this blog post go take a look at your own website and messaging. Is what you offer and specialize in clear? Would visitors to your website know what you do? If so great, if not this is something to definitely work on.

Also I’d love to hear what you folks think about this post, if you’ve thought about this topic before, and also continue the conversation below.

Sam-Zipursky-Bio-PicThis article was written by Sam Zipursky who is the branding and design director of

8 thoughts on “Do People Really Know What You Do? 4 Examples of Consultants with Clear Brand Messaging

  1. vinodh says:

    great post. the service or value we offer should be prominently communicated visually by us (consultant or any website owner) . the visitor should not spend more than 2 seconds to understand what we offer. contrarily most websites are ambiguous in home page about this basic fact.

    • Thank you for sharing! The sites highlighted are clear and successfully answer the question, “What does this consultant do?”.

    • Vinodh, yes so true, often hard to tell what it is that consultant does, thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed this post!

      • vinodh says:

        I am full time programmer who do web design as well as during free time. recently I installed a paid wp theme for a local client. that theme actually focus on this visual communication for branding as emphasized by you. after this installation calls to the number listed in the website increased suddenly. I learnt this basic fact after accidentally installing that theme. Most of the web developers like me and clients are not aware of this basic branding tip. thanks

        • Definitely, it’s something we are always talking about and implementing with our consulting clients when we do websites for them, very key branding tip!

  2. Great post Sam, and thanks for providing details. I’ve always thought that consultants should worry about avoiding becoming a commodity in the industry and “being better than Google.” Essentially, staying relevant. But as important as that is, and as good as you might be, if people can’t figure out what you do immediately, none of that will matter. Thanks for the insights.

    • Nice one Lew, glad you enjoyed this one and thank you for joining in the conversation as you often do!

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