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4 Ways to Get Closer to Your Clients


I recently read an article by Roy Osing, the former Executive VP of Telus, a large Canadian telecommunications company.

Roy made some great points in his article in BIV and so I wanted to share them with you.

By focusing on your current clients you can better serve them, have them spend more with you and generate more referrals.

#1 – Mass markets don’t exist anymore. “Marketers need to focus on what makes people different from one another to attract their attention and entice them to buy.”

#2 – Don’t push your products or services to make a sale. Instead, Osing says “No one appreciates getting products shoved down their throat with little regard for their personal space.” Akin to Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, Osing suggests “If you want to push anything, push value.” What he means here is think about what value and education you can offer to your ideal clients and push and promote that. Don’t lead with your sales talk.

#3 – Get closer to your clients. Most people misunderstand marketing. Spend the majority of your time catering to your current clients. Provide them with more value. Don’t dedicate all your resources to landing new clients only. Osing says most acquisition programs are flawed. He offers an example from Telus’ market, “‘Leave your present company and come over to us and we will give you a 46-inch LED TV’ propositions are common place. These programs have two serious downfalls. First, to someone who moves to a company for a free TV will definitely go elsewhere for a better offer. Second, the loyal customer who doesn’t qualify for the free TV will be furious and start looking for another supplier.”

By focusing on your current clients you can better serve them, have them spend more with you and generate more referrals.

#4 – Frequency counts. The more you engage with your clients in a meaningful way the better. Osing says “The disproportionately few customers that account for a generous portion of your sales deserve to be engaged regularly.” This concept has been well written on. Find out who your best clients are, and treat them better. What can you offer them to provide them more value? A special newsletter, webinar, private content, a workshop…the options are many.

What are your thoughts on these four points?


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2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Get Closer to Your Clients

  1. Annette Salmon says:

    Love this! Especially point # 4 which has consistently given me more business because of the valued added stuff I provide for a few.

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