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5 Questions Every Consultant Should Ask

By Michael Zipursky

Is your quest for knowledge holding you back from success?

Strange question? Maybe, yet it’s an important one. Let me explain…

Many consultants find themselves constantly on the hunt for more information.

All the information in the world is simply information until you APPLY it and take ACTION on it by focusing on the right questions.

They devour blog posts, articles, newsletters, and books.

They feel EMPOWERED by the amount of information they collect.

With all this information it’s easy to FEEL that you have ALL THE ANSWERS.

That you KNOW exactly what you should be doing to grow your business.

The PROBLEM however is that the answers CAN only help you when you ASK the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

Because all the information in the world is simply information until you APPLY it and take ACTION on it by focusing on the right questions.

Here are 5 questions every growth-focused consultant should ask:

  1. What am I really working towards? Put another way, what is my real goal? If you can’t visualize what you’re working towards how can you get there? Driving without direction will unlikely get you to your destination.
  1. What am I world-class at? Rather than trying to be all-things to all-people what can you focus on that your clients’ want where the value you create is extraordinary?

  1. Are the actions I’m taking helping me to move my business forward? Far too often consultants spend their days in ‘busyness’ doing a whole lot of nothing. If the activities and actions you’re taking each day aren’t helping you to move your business forward DIRECTLY why are you doing them?
  1. Why should buyers choose us? What makes you unique and different? If you can’t communicate this don’t expect buyers to seek you out. Give buyers a reason to choose you over the alternatives.
  1. Do I have a plan? Your plan can be a single page. The important thing is that you actually have a plan that you are confident will work. If your plan is based on a ‘hunch’ and ‘guesswork’ you’re taking a shotgun approach. The most successful marketing and business growth plans are well thought out. They are crystal clear in their intentions. They are actionable. And they must be worked on consistently.

Are you simply collecting more information or are you taking the time to ask yourself the right questions? Are you making progress and moving your business forward each and every day?

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What other questions do you suggest consultants ask themselves?

8 thoughts on “5 Questions Every Consultant Should Ask

  1. 'dipo Majekodunmi says:

    Thanks Michael for the post. I have been doing some thinking about 1,2,and 3 recently and started slipping back to the “busyness” mode. This is a timely wake up call to make time to address what really matters.

  2. Humberto González Lara says:

    Time to get out of the “automatic pilot” mode, right? Thanks for this guidelines.

    • Humberto – you’re welcome and thanks for the comment. Yes, hit the eject button and time to fly 😉

  3. lumenMartins says:

    Beautiful! Much needed questions to ponder on. Thanks Mic for the post.

  4. jules says:

    Intuitive post and very helpfull.

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