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6 Golden Keys to Getting Published

Your consulting firm’s marketing plan does not permit a haphazard approach to any aspect of your marketing plan. Writing requires consistency and commitment. This is your chance to establish a voice, demonstrate your consulting skills and build a following loaded with lead potential. Stick to your guns and write with a purpose.

Publishing one or two articles a year in random magazines or publishing an occasional online article will not garner the exposure or following you deserve. As a business consultant, you know you must develop a strategy and launch a decisive plan that gets your articles in front of your marketplace.

The upside exposure of publishing is so vast and cost-effective that many business development consultants designate more than 50% of their marketing budget toward their publishing efforts. When you’re just starting out building your consulting practice and trying to build publicity you’ll no doubt be posting most of your writing to your own blogs or website which will increase your exposure and create a following.

As time and budget allows and your writing improves you’ll want to start submitting press releases online, doing more article submissions and trying to get published in print. Below are six tips on how to get your work published in magazines, newspapers, and more.

Keys to Getting Published

  1. Market Your Efforts – You will need to be patient when seeking a publisher. You may have to start with local weekly journals. In the publishing industry, every step forward is a positive step down the road to success. Stay with it.
  2. Be Out Front – Show your awareness by selecting article topics that are relevant and current. When you see an issue, take a position and explain your stance on contemporary subjects in your niche. Stay in your niche to develop a consistent readership.
  3. Confront Issues – You are not a reporter. You will be published because you take positions and you have the ability to justify and articulate those positions. Remember that most clients want creative thinkers with new analytical approaches. Run-of-the mill positions do not get published.
  4. Pick Your Spots – When the time is right, when all the research is complete and when you have supporting data, make your case with conviction. Middle of the road approaches do not land clients or get your articles read.
  5. Pick Your Publisher – Part of your consultancy’s publishing strategy will call for you to identify the publishers who your prospects read and who can boost your stock. Select those publishers and pursue them with submissions, interviews and meetings. Convincing those publishers that you have a viable message and meaningful writing style will dramatically advance your publishing road map.
  6. Maintain an Authoritative Voice – You must never appear to be less than an authority in your field of expertise. Be above the fray and let your readers know that your viewpoint is supported, creative and experienced. That is the voice that clients, readers and publishers seek.


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