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9 Tips to a Successful Media Interview

By Consulting Success
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Whether you are a business, marketing, or even green consultant if you ever have the chance to do an interview on the phone, TV,  Webcams on the internet, or through email it might be a great way to get some free publicity and public relations for your consulting firm. Below are 10 tips to make sure you’re ready, effective, and on point when it all goes down!

  1. Know Your Interviewer – Very often the key to a successful interview is to know the interviewer’s track record. You never want to be caught off guard so the more you know the better off you are.
  2. Be The Interviewer – Now that you are the interviewer, you should have a fairly accurate understanding of the interview’s direction, the line of potential questions and the probable point of view. Your ability to prepare in advance for the questions will make you even more effective.
  3. Have The Answers – Practice answering likely questions. Develop a command for the facts. Know what data you can cote and that builds your case. If you have a contrary point of view, be sure you have a smooth flowing factual presentation. He who hesitates is lost.
  4. Stick to Your Guns – After all your preparation, do not waiver under the camera’s glare. Stay on message and do not let the interviewer’s position influence your insight. You are the expert.
  5. Have Backup – Never enter a firefight without backup. Marketing consultants have cross reference material at their fingertips. Have this backup material in reserve if your facts are questioned. Know your sources and list them professionally.
  6. Measure the Crowd – Be on a level of your audience. The media wants you to engage their following so know that group. Use their terminology and remember to keep it as simple as possible. Use language that connects you to the audience. Positive body language will help your message be heard.
  7. Ask the Interviewer – When you are asked to speak or write, try to ascertain the interviewer’s position on the topic. This will help in anticipating the angle of the questions and your responses.
  8. Eliminate The Negative – The easiest way to prevent a mistake is to eliminate the possibility. Write down catch phrases you should not say or write and determine to avoid those statements.
  9. Book it – When accepting a request for interview, get all the important facts. Know the time, date, audience, interviewer and release date. Make your interview timely by commenting on the date material will be viewed.

Get your act together. A business consultant that prepares well for publicity events will start to get more calls, more publicity and a lot more marketing leads.

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