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A Big Marketing Mistake: The Cookie Jar Phenomenon

By Michael Zipursky
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When I first got started in marketing consulting I was a voracious consumer of information. My mentality was to devour everything I could get my hands on. Surely the more “I knew” the better, right?

Wrong. The more you know the worse off you may be.

The problem with trying to dip your fingers in all this new information is that you get overloaded. There’s PPC advertising, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, banner ads, email marketing and we haven’t even touched on the offline tools.

It’s troubling. On one hand you’ve been made to believe that the more you know the better. And on the surface this makes sense. But dig deeper. Look at the most successful people in your industry and what you’ll discover is that they may know about 8 different things, but they’re not sticking their hands in every cookie jar they encounter. They’re not extending their effort into more than 2-3 tools.

The best of the best, the most successful people, are focusing on doing what they have a natural ability to do. And they keep doing it.

You see, you can be okay at many things and never be successful. But become a true master at just one, I mean really know the ins-and-outs of it and you’ll see amazing results.

That’s why the best lawyers deal in one kind of law. The top
massage therapists do only that.

Find what your true strengths are then build on those. If you’re comfortable with people get out and network more. If you like the phone make more calls. If you can write effectively then write. Don’t worry about trying to cover all the possible marketing bases and do everything.

Start with your core. When you do that, and do it extremely well, success is just around the corner.

So how do you cover all those other bases? At first you don’t. When it’s time to expand your business that’s when you hire people that are extremely talented in the areas you aren’t’ so experienced in to complement your expertise. That’s the real recipe to take your consulting business to the next level.

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