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A Social Tool That’s “Pintegral” to Your Business

Pinterest is generating a lot of buzz and for good reason: the new social media tool is driving more traffic to websites than both Google+ and Twitter, and there’s no indication that this phenomena will end anytime soon.

It isn’t enough to pin, you’ve got to engage and interact with your audience as well.

What exactly is Pinterest? It’s essentially a digital bulletin board where you pin snippets of content and media that you want to share with others. It’s a very visual medium and particularly useful to e-commerce sites selling products that are visually compelling. But service and information providers are also finding this platform beneficial to business.
So, how can you use Pinterest to promote your consulting business?

Advertising Your Products and Services on Pinterest

Start by creating your own pin boards and adding photos of your products or services. Be creative and tell an engaging story with whatever you choose to pin. But remember, Pinterest is a social community. It isn’t enough to pin, you’ve got to engage and interact with your audience as well.

Also, social media is a tool for transparency, so don’t forget to include photos of the people behind your brand.

The best way to do this is to start following other pinners who share your niche or industry. The chances are they will start following you as well, and so will their customers who, if they find your pins compelling, will click through to your site.


In the case of brand promotion, think mood not money. Don’t push or sell your products, because as with any social media platform that is frowned upon. Sell a mood instead. The social site is centered around interests like travel, home décor and wedding planning, so use your boards to align your brand image with people’s passions.

Also, social media is a tool for transparency, so don’t forget to include photos of the people behind your brand. Take some fun photos of your office or work space and the people who help bring your consulting brand to life. This lends an important human quality to the digital marketing landscape.

Get Traffic to Your Site from Pinterest

Pinterest is a leader in driving social traffic, and we know creating visually stunning boards that tell your brand story in a compelling way can be a great way to get a new source of traffic.

But there’s another way to get Pinterest traffic and it’s as simple as pushing a button – a social button. One of the easiest ways to use this social media platform is to add a ‘Pin It’ button to your site or blog and let your current source of traffic recommend you to their Pinterest friends. When they do this, your content is pinned to their boards where new customers are introduced to your company.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

It’s not enough to have one social media account, you need to be present wherever your current and potential customers congregate. Having a presence on Pinterest expands your networking capabilities and broadens your brand reach. The tone and style of this social media platform is quite different from others, and by participating on it you’re able to get your message in front of a new kind of crowd.

Interact with Your Customers and Clients on Pinterest

Your presence on Pinterest is not limited to the boards you make. Like other social sites, you have a homepage where you can interact with your customers and clients and share your thoughts and ideas. Also, take the initiative to become active on other homepages. Leave comments and participate in the discussions happening all around you.

There’s no denying Pinterest has captured the attention and imagination of many people. Like any other social media tool, it’s hard to predict exactly where Pinterest will be a year from now. What is certain though is that the traffic is currently there and businesses would be remiss not to take full advantage.

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