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A Timeless Principle of Consulting Success


Are you distracted?

After working with businesses and entrepreneurs over the last 14+ years, if you’re not seeing the growth you want, I can confidently guess the answer to that question is “yes”.

We all know what happens when you take your eye off the ball. Without a clear focus on that ball the chance of hitting the ball out of the park are slim to none.

Yet, that’s exactly what many consultants are doing.

Watch your expenses carefully. Spend wisely. It doesn’t matter how much you have coming in if most of it is going out.

Are you one of them?

Are you trying to keep up with all the latest technologies and tools?

Drowning in information overload?

All of this causes you to lose sight of what’s really important.

Jim Rohn, one of America’s best known business philosophers, shared a great lesson on this topic in one of his books.

It came to him a long time ago from his mentor, Earl Shoaff, yet it’s just as applicable today…

The lesson is this: “there are always a half-dozen things that make eighty percent of the difference.”

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, what your consulting specialization is, the lesson holds true.

Each of these half-dozen things has a major impact on your business.

When you focus on these, your business grows. When your focus on them fades your business does too.

When you’re running a consulting business, here are 6 things you want to stay focused on:

Money In – Set your monetary goals, work towards them and make them happen. Without this you’ll flap around and flounder. How great an income do you want? How many clients do you need to work with this year to get there?

Money Out – Watch your expenses carefully. Spend wisely. It doesn’t matter how much you have coming in if most of it is going out.

Investments – Be constantly investing in your own self-development and in the growth of your business. This includes improving your skills, getting more education, and working with mentors. You should also make sure that you’re investing and saving for your future financially.

Value Proposition – Adjust, refine and improve your value proposition so that it’s always relevant to your ideal clients. This statement conveys the value you produce for your clients and why they should choose you.

Value Delivery – Your focus must always be on the value you provide your clients. It’s not enough to convey that value, you must produce it and show your clients results. Another great way to deliver value is through creating educational materials for your marketplace, including articles, blogs, webinars, seminars, books, speaking and the list goes on. This elevates your authority and expert status in the market.

Marketing – When you have a marketing program that is working for you it will generate leads on a consistent basis where your ideal clients are contacting you – not the other way around. In addition to keeping your pipeline full, great marketing delivers a significant ROI – meaning that with every $1 you put it, you get back $2, $3, $5 and more.

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