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Achieving Your Goals: A Simple 4 Step System


At this time of year when the momentum of the New Year is still fresh many of us (especially all you motivated readers of this blog!) have set up some big and exciting personal and business goals that we’re working towards.

We change, our lives change, priorities shift and some of our goals get accomplished. Therefore continuous review is a good thing to really make sure you’re on point!

Goal setting is a popular topic and an infinite conversation, one that we’ve talked about many times before at this blog. The reason is obvious, goals are quite easy to talk about and set but the whole process from start to finish can get kind of tricky, therefore making our goals hard to accomplish.

Today I wanted to share with you a 4 step system that I’ve been using for the last couple of years to achieve the goals I set for myself.

1. Writing Down and Clarifying a Few Important Goals

4-Step-Consulting-SystemI didn’t used to write my goals down. I would choose a couple of goals that I wanted to achieve and then just work towards them in my mind. This style got a bit messy as I never really had a chance to clarify my goals using the power of writing.

It’s not that I didn’t achieve any of them, because I did, it just wasn’t nearly as effective and systematized as it is now that I write them down and review them regularly.

So what I do is I choose one or two important goals in the categories of health, income, business, personal development, travel, and relationships and write them down in my journal.

I try to only focus on one to two because I feel that setting more starts to get a bit confusing and I like to stay laser focused on a few goals that will have massive impact on my life.

2. Continuously Checking In and Reviewing Your Goals

After writing your goals down and organizing them into some key categories it’s good to keep checking in as often as you feel necessary to make sure you’re on track and also adjust where needed.

For me, I review and adjust often and a really great time to do this is during my morning success ritual that I shared with you all recently.

This step is crucial because as you keep working towards these goals it’s good to look at them and know how they are going, make sure you’re still on track, and also leave room to change them a bit where needed.

Remember shifting goals is not a bad thing and it shouldn’t be looked at in a negative way. We change, our lives change, priorities shift and some of our goals get accomplished. Therefore continuous review is a good thing to really make sure you’re on point!

3. Staying Focused Until You Hit Each Goal

As I just mentioned adjusting goals and getting rid of others is a good thing but for the ones that remain on your list day after day, week after week, and month after month, make sure you really focus on those as they’re obviously important to you.

In this step once again using your journal often for taking notes, and brainstorming is a great way to help keep focused and get them done.

What I do is I look at each key goal and ask myself (be very honest) some of the following things:

  • How’s the progress going?
  • What am I doing right?
  • What am I not doing or doing wrong? (This is where you need to be brutally honest with yourself)
  • Am I stuck in any area that I might need help with? (we’ll talk more about this in step 4)

4. Having an Accountability Partner

It’s possible to do a lot with just the first 3 steps of this system but I have to say step 4 is potentially the most powerful here.

You see for most of us, myself included, we often have great intentions and want to achieve big things in this world but getting them done alone can be overwhelming, intimidating and sometimes hard to grasp.

In my case I have my cousin and business partner who you all know Michael Zipursky. It’s been invaluable for me to work with him and continuously to review business related goals and constantly check in on what’s going well, what could be improved on and what to stay focused on.

Not everyone has a business partner but that’s no excuse. Another great thing that I do from time to time is hire a coach or a mentor and use them as your personal goal and accountability partner.

Sure it costs money but it’s an investment. These people are dedicated to working with you on your goals and making them a reality. I won’t dig into how to find one or what to work on with them today but just know that this is an amazing option that I highly recommend.

* If you are interested specifically in coaching to help grow your consulting or coaching business and take your success to the next level, we do have a coaching program for a select group of consultants and you can get in touch with Michael here to find out if it’s a good fit for you.

Moving Forward With Your Goals

So there you have it, a brief introduction to my 4 step system to making your goals a reality. If you follow this system for a minimum of 90 days I really think you’ll see some great results.

Let me know what you think of this post in the comments as I’d love to answer further questions you may have and also hear about what has or hasn’t worked for you when it comes to setting up and achieving your goals.

Until next time, here’s to your success and making this a big, exciting, and fulfilling life!

Sam-Zipursky-Bio-PicThis article was written by Sam Zipursky who is the branding and design director of He heads up our Professional Websites for Consultants program and is an expert in design, internet business, and brand strategy.


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4 thoughts on “Achieving Your Goals: A Simple 4 Step System

  1. Great article Sam. One other tactic I’ve used for long term goals is to break them down. If the goal is to achieve something a year out, I’ll create monthly and even weekly goals. Then my daily to-do lists have items that are building blocks of the larger goal.

    • Love that Lew, very good addition to these 4 steps, thank you for stopping by the blog and giving your thoughts!

  2. Great advice Sam. I’ve been a little obsessed lately with “The 12 Week Year”. The idea that you can get more done in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months is very appealing 🙂

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