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Author: Ellisa Brenneman

Top 4 Business Plan Mistakes

In our work with many business owners and startups we often see the same repeat mistakes. Here are 4 of the biggest ones: 1. Unrealistic Financial Projections. One of the biggest mistakes made in business plans are unrealistic financial projections. The assumption that a start-up business will immediately be profitable is often a naive mistake …

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Maximizing your Productivity as a Consulting Business Owner

Everyone knows that owning and managing a business is stressful, time-consuming, and sometimes, let’s face it, just downright exhausting. With business ownership comes that long list of responsibilities, in addition to the continual work it takes to ensure you and your management are able to create and maintain a productive, positive, and prosperous (the “three …

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Prioritizing Success

You know the feeling: It’s 5:30, you just got home from work, and today is the day (so was yesterday and the day before) that you promised yourself you would get down to business on that side project you’ve been putting off. Maybe your project is a plan to start your dream business, that novel …

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