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Author: Guest Author

3.5 Tips to Drive Project Success

Have you ever been on a project which slowly drifted out of control? You knew the clients were unhappy, you kept working harder and delivering more, but despite your best efforts the project ended in a grinding, wrenching train wreck? Most of us have been there, and it’s never fun!  There are lots of reasons …

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Why Wasting Time Generates Huge Rewards

I remember years ago when I first started in the sales profession, one of my mentors took me aside and gave me some words of wisdom. He told me to always remember that in the sales world, there is no commodity more valuable than time. Every minute of every day is essential to a sales …

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One Project, Many Clients – How to Succeed

It is challenging enough to serve one client at a time. How can a consultant serve a group of clients in the same project and be successful? Forming a multi-client group There are two routes to handling group projects: either the consultant or the client takes the initiative. Most of my group projects fall into …

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10 Tips for Improving Consulting Sales

Aarni Heiskanen is a service innovation consultant and entrepreneur from Finland. His company, AE Partners, helps clients strategize and innovate B2B services. Aarni has been involved in pioneering Internet businesses in Finland. And also runs, Thinking Business (In Finnish Language), which develops Internet software for managing project portfolios. Here are ten tips that I’ve found …

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Guest Post: How Consultants Should Set Their Fees

Today’s guest post is by Greg Gentschev of Brekiri, and covers some key pointers on how consultants should charge for their fees. Greg spent the past 10 years in consulting, working in areas including growth strategy, competitive analysis, and benchmarking, before moving on to found Brekiri. He also writes extensively about research and business analysis …

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