Author: Michael Zipursky

Business Consulting Books – A Review of 3 Classics

Whether you’re a veteran consultant, been in the business for a couple of years, or just getting started – the best way to update your skills is often by reading business consulting books. I know, that’s being rather vague as there are thousands of them. And of those many aren’t worth their weight in any currency. The best books on consulting give you practical, easy to use, step by step information that you can implement into …


The Web Consultant Advantage

With so many website design firms and programmers out there what makes you so special? If I have a web project, why should I hire you as my web consultant and not just go to one of the other firms down the block? This is a critical question – one that far too many consultants in every imaginable field don’t ask themselves nearly often enough. Can’t think of a convincing answer? Well, here’s how you …


Web Consulting – An Introduction

Ever told someone that you’re offering web consulting? If you have you’ve probably encountered an odd look on their face and question marks in their eyes. Any mention of the word “website” and the general public automatically thinks pretty designs and ‘nice’ looking websites.