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Author: Consulting Success

The 6 Essential Consulting Skills (Clients Want These)

Do you possess the consulting skills that make clients want to hire you? Your core expertise — like environmental or sales consulting — form the basis of your consulting business However, you’ll also need to cultivate a broad range of consulting skills. These other consulting skills complement and reinforce your core expertise while dealing with …

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Internet Automotive Marketing Consultant

Name: Daryl Sanders Company Name: Internet Dealer Solutions, Ltd Website: Location: USA, Cape Coral, Fl What kind of consulting do you specialize in? Internet Automotive Marketing – consult with car dealers How many years have you been consulting for? Eleven years What do you enjoy most about consulting? Helping my dealers achieve a significant …

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Veterinary Marketing and Management

Name: Maryle Malloy Company Name: The Tellus Group, Inc. dba DVM Marketplace Location: Palm Desert, CA, USA What kind of consulting do you specialize in? Veterinary Marketing and Management How many years have you been consulting for? Five years What do you enjoy most about consulting? Delving into the problems and issues within a business …

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The Public Relations Press Kit

The PR professional has many tools in his toolbox, but most would agree that one of the most valuable public relations tools is the press kit. Somewhat elaborately designed, the press kit is a compilation of thorough background information on your client along with information and photos relating to the product or service to be …

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The Right Medium for PR and Media Relations

Critical to the success of a public relations consulting professional is media relations. Simply put, media relations can be defined as developing relationships with journalists for the purpose of furthering an organization’s message. Depending on the concept you want communicated, you first need to determine which media will be most effective. Media Types As you …

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A Case Study in Global Public Relations

There is a familiar story in the world of the global public relations industry that effectively illustrates the necessity of intercultural communications. There is no indication that the story is any truer than George Washington and the cherry tree, but it is widely used in marketing and public relations training. In 1962 General Motors successfully …

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