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Author: Consulting Success

7 Step Consultant’s Marketing Road Map

The ideal road map for marketing your business consulting services is a low cost, high return plan that cuts through resistance and sets your consulting company apart from the masses. You want your message in front of clients needing services in your areas of expertise. The perfect road map will take time to chart and may …

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9 Tips for Strategic Marketing Consultants

Rather than using outdated slogans, elevate your strategic marketing consulting practice to the top with a new age action plan that engages the client on 9 fronts. Areas of Expertise – Establish the fields of expertise where your consulting services are acknowledged and proven leaders. Concentrate on those areas of expertise and keep drilling your …

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Invoicing and Your Business

So you are learning how to start a consulting firm. Good for you! Hopefully, you will make many sales, and find lots of clients to bolster your income. Of course, if you do not stay on top of invoicing, success might not come as smoothly. I wanted to give you a few business tips to …

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The Search Continues for Strategic Consultants

Strategic marketing consultants who understand the internet listing and ranking system begin with Google. Listing your consultancy’s site with Google is free and an invaluable start to building internet leads – but listing alone won’t get you very far. While it is free, listings only tell Google and the other search engines to find your …

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Why It’s Crucial to Write Proposals

Writing consulting proposals can be a time consuming, thankless and tedious proposition. Done correctly, however, they can be one of the very best ways you can secure new clients in your chosen target market. To give you an example, someone I know once created a security proposal for a client (who was a construction professional.) …

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Your Consulting Business’s Target Market

For a strategic consulting businesses (much as any other business), understanding and knowing your target market is key in creating effective marketing strategies and sustainable sales. Since you should already have chosen your niche, spend some time thinking about the types of companies (or departments within companies) who would use your specialist services. Market Segmentation …

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