Author: Sam Zipursky

Growing Your Consulting Business Using Inbound Marketing

I was having a business check-in and accountability call the other day with a client who is part of our coaching program for consultants. As we were chatting away the term “inbound marketing” came up. But remember with inbound marketing you’re mostly creating your content so it’s less expensive or even “free” The client who I’ll call […]


Improving Your Consulting Brand: No More Excuses!

It really amazes me. In fact I’m actually quite surprised. Once you have a good logo it can be the base for your visual identity. At the amount of consulting “professionals” I deal with and come across that don’t have a nice looking and professional logo or visual identity to represent their brand. It’s not […]


Achieving Your Goals: A Simple 4 Step System

At this time of year when the momentum of the New Year is still fresh many of us (especially all you motivated readers of this blog!) have set up some big and exciting personal and business goals that we’re working towards. We change, our lives change, priorities shift and some of our goals get accomplished. […]