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Author: Sam Zipursky

3 Reasons Consultants Should Start Blogging Today

Message from Michael Zipursky: I’m excited to have Sam Zipursky, my cousin and business partner share this article with you today. Sam plays an important role at Consulting Success®. While much of his work has been ‘behind the scenes’ today that changes. Sam specializes in branding and design. It’s his work you’ve seen come to …

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Why Consultants & Freelancers Need Links

No, we’re not talking about jewelery links here folks, although some may argue that consultants and freelancers indeed do need those too. Today we’re talking about links on the internet, to and from websites; you know the things we all click on hundreds of times a day! You need to know about links If you …

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Business Card Science for Consultants

How many of you have business cards and use them regularly in your business promotions and networking? I’m sure most of you will answer yes to this question. As consultants, small business owners, and freelancers business cards play a big role in our self promotion and are a handy little tool. If used properly that …

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Online Marketing Lessons

Last night I was doing a small round of web research, specifically looking for businesses or consultants that offer SEO services. I came across the website I thought this particular website had some valuable online marketing lessons that I could share with you. As you read this post ask yourself if you’re doing any …

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