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Author: Sam Zipursky

Guest Post – Consulting using Twitter

Today’s Guest Post is by Susan Varty of Wordtree Consulting in Toronto. Susan is a writer, communications consultant and college professor. If you are in the Toronto area, you may be interested in signing up for her new 1-day course she’s offering: Hands-on Twitter course: Reaching decision-makers. Do you watch television? What channels interest you …

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Naming Tips for Branding Consulting Services

You don’t need to be a trained brand consultant to have your stuff together when it comes to putting out a cohesive and uniform business message to the world around you. Many of the readers of this blog have asked questions related to branding and marketing their consulting services. Today I thought I’d start small …

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Doesn’t Always Pay to Wait In Business

Well Michael Zipursky, my good cousin and also co-author here at Consulting Success® deserves a bit of credit and a pat on the back. He’s a humble guy so I figured I’d write this post to share some of his work with you folks, the readers of this blog. Really hope he’s not mad… Hopefully …

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