B2B Sales Management Consultant

Emre Yildirim

Company Name:
Sinera Consultancy


Istanbul, Turkey

What kind of consulting do you specialize in?
B2B Sales Management

How many years have you been consulting for?
One years

What do you enjoy most about consulting?
I love problem solving. Each case is different and needs to be tackled individually. I can not resist using my analytical thinking on every issue. That is how my mind works. To explore new dimensions in management and to see if your perspective is valid in practice is great!

Piece of advice to share with others?
1. Be a specialist!
2. To generate evolutionary paradigms be a multi-faced interdisciplinary experimentalist.
3. Do not push yourself to fill in the general consultant mold; show your true colour.
4. Build an effective power relation with your customer (what is said is not important as who said it)
5. Charge your costumer with the main initiative to solve the problems and change
6. Enjoy yourself

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