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Balancing Marketing Consulting Services vs. Client Work

Today’s question comes from Shelley Conway.

“I am in the second year of my consulting practice and I struggle with the balance of managing my time between delivering for a client engagement and business development for future work.”

Shelley has asked a great question. I’ve read some research that showed that most consultants spend 110 days every year working on their marketing and administration. These are days they are not doing client work.

And while some people might offer her a specific percentage to split her time I’d suggest that every person and each business requires a different balance.

Finding the Right Balance

If you’re working with just a client or two and really want to boost your work load and income, you’ll want to increase the amount of time you spend on marketing your consulting services.

When you’re at the point that you have enough work to keep you busy for the foreseeable future, well, then you can reduce your marketing activities to even one day a week.

A Great Way to Start

What I suggest to our consulting students and consultants getting started is to schedule a portion of every day or every second day for marketing activities.

For example, if you want to land several new clients within 6 months, you could spend the first 2 hours of every day putting together your plan, implementing it and taking action on it every day to achieve your goal.

What’s important is that you not only ensure you’re spending sufficient time on marketing activities to land new clients, but that you are doing the right ones…and doing them consistently.

I’d be interested to hear about how you balance your client work vs. marketing activities. Do share in the comments below…


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5 thoughts on “Balancing Marketing Consulting Services vs. Client Work

  1. Fred Geddes says:

    Another great tip guys. Thank you.

  2. Good question and good answer.

    I always reckon you should be spending about 20% of your time on marketing/BD. More if you’re starting up.

    Personally I like to spend even more on marketing to generate fewer but higher priced/value projects.

    You’re right on the button about establishing a habit and doing it regularly – it’s crucial.


    • Ian – nice one! Great to have your thoughts on this. Will have to get you to share more about your ideas on how to focus that marketing to higher priced and bigger value projects.

  3. My Marketing Aid Uk says:

    nice one! Great to have your thoughts on this,,, Thanks for sharing this, it has been amazing information.

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