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How To Develop a Consultants Marketing Plan

Regardless of the size of your consulting businesses, your marketing plan should include input from every aspect of your consultancy. If your consulting practice is small, you should get feedback from your accountant, your attorney and any other connected party. If your consulting business is larger, get input from every department. The involvement of these departments and connected persons will not only help in the development of your marketing plan but it will assure awareness …


Marketing Plan for Business Consulting Services

If you’re offering business consulting services then an effective marketing plan should be squarely at the center of all your business. The Dictionary of Marketing Terms defines marketing “as the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.” To provide consulting services without a well structured marketing plan is clearly putting the cart before the horse. Your marketing …


Marketing Consulting Services – Behind the Scene

The consulting services industry is volatile, far ranging and cyclical. The consultant’s expertise is at the core of consultancy. Qualified expertise may get the buyer’s attention, but when it comes to sealing the deal, nothing bears more clout than a verifiable record of accomplishment, which translates into real value. When it comes to marketing consulting services, the question is how to present your expertise and record of accomplishments in a consistent, saleable manner. Consultants without …


Consulting Businesses – Starting Your Own

With all the bad press the industry and consulting businesses have got over the years, and being the butt of jokes, you may be wondering why you would want to venture out on your own as a consultant. Well, there are numerous reasons, and a few are listed here. Being your own boss Ask anyone, in any field, what their dream is, long term, for their career, and nearly all of them will tell you …


Consulting Business is it for you?

Many professionals are choosing to opt out of the formal rat race, and are choosing to start a consulting firm and offering their services in whatever field they may be most active in. However, it is very important to note that a consulting business is like any other – in addition to hands on skills and knowledge, a keen business sense, and an entrepreneurial spirit are important, if not vital, to your success. So what factors should you …


Becoming a Consultant? What Exactly is Consulting?

Maybe you are thinking of becoming a consultant in a field that you are interested in, or have knowledge and experience in. You might not be exactly clear on what the profession entails but I’m sure you’ve heard many people say, when asked what they do, that they are a consultant. Since the term “consulting” covers such a broad range of professions, from business consulting to IT, construction and social events, it can be useful …


So what do Consultants do?

Great question. Today we want to try and explain a bit about what the terms consultant and consulting actually mean. Let’s start off by saying that the kind of consulting services being offered are as wide as the number of businesses in the world, with possible clients limited only by a professional consultant’s experience, vision, ambition – and marketing skills. Virtually all endeavors by every business are a possible consulting opportunity. All serious marketing, advertising, …


Consulting Services – How Much to Charge?

Who would have thought that when it comes to pricing consulting services it’s actually a lot harder than in fact providing them? Anyone active in the field of consulting whether it be marketing, design, branding, management, or whatever, understands that the competition is fierce, and underbidding the next closest competitor spells the difference between getting the client to sign on the dotted line and losing the deal. That being said if you don’t charge enough …



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