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4 Proven Ways to Earn Higher Fees With Every Consulting Proposal

Let’s talk about how you can earn higher fees with every proposal that you put out. Here’s are 4 keys to higher fees with your consulting proposals. 1. Raise Your Value Before Sending The Proposal It doesn’t start with the proposal. It’s not even your approach to the proposal. It’s all about the conversation you have before the proposal. In your conversations, you want to be focused on some specific things, but keep in mind, …


Michael Zipursky on Leaders In The Trenches Podcast

Michael was recently featured on Leaders in the Trenches Podcast, which you can listen to here: The Mindset of Success with Michael Zipursky In business, the way you think determines your actions — which determines how successful your business is. Successful consultants adopt the mindset which provides the foundation for their success. Consultants that fail aren’t failing because they have a poor website or can’t write effective proposals — those are surface level problems. They have …


Michael Zipursky on Your First Thousand Clients

Michael was recently featured on Your First Thousand Clients podcast, which you can listen to here: Michael Zipursky: Building a Relationship Culture, The First Part of the Success Process In this episode of Your First Thousand Clients, you get to hear me in action — talking with Mitch as if he were one of my coaching clients. We talk about doubling his client base, how to stop relying on referrals and word of mouth, developing his …


Consulting Fee Structures: 5 Models Ranked from Worst to Best

Let’s break down the different consulting fee structures that are available to you as a consultant, and then contrast and compare the positives and negatives of each. Hourly Billing for Consultants A very common one is hourly billing. A lot of consultants use hourly fees, and that’s really where a lot of people get started. That’s the status quo for people now. What’s good about hourly fees? They’re easy. It’s pretty easy to figure out …


A Strange Encounter

It was Saturday afternoon. I had just left the liquor store with a box of wine when something unexpected happened. Earlier that morning, I was spending time with my daughter. We had breakfast together and then went to the park to play. Daddy-daughter time while my wife was at the spa. I drove back to the house and put my daughter down for a nap. She fell asleep in the car before we even got …


2018 Consulting Fees Study

I’m excited to share the results of our 2018 Consulting Fees Study with you. Before I provide you with all the details and results — I’ll also tell you about a funny story. A bit of background first. Each year we poll our list of consultants. With over 33,000 consultants getting our regular emails, it’s a sizeable and meaningful group to poll. I’ll quickly mention that our 2018 Marketing for Consultants Study will also be …


Michael Zipursky on Freelance Transformation

Michael was recently featured on the Freelance Transformation Podcast, which you can listen to here: Mindsets of Elite Consultants with Michael Zipursky Consultants and freelancers struggle with many aspects of their business — but it’s their mindset that holds them back most often. If you don’t adopt the right mindsets in your business, especially as a consultant or freelancer, you’ll never run the business the way you dreamed of when you started it. I recently talked with …


5 Secrets to a Successful Business Coaching Relationship

Summary I want to share with you why every investment that I’ve ever made in our company has ever made into coaching and mentoring has produced a positive ROI. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we had not invested in working with coaches and mentors. We’ve done it consistently year over year and we work with many different kinds of coaches to support our businesses. If you look at the top performers in …



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