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Consulting Marketing Plan – 6 Key Principles

Between December 2007 and the end of November 2008, more than 2,100,000 lost their jobs. While companies are paring down their workforces, businesses are redefining their products, their marketing plans, their technology and their overall business practices. The business consulting doors are open. There is a definite and promising marketplace for consulting services. The competition …

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Consultants Average Client

When starting out in the business of consulting, it is good to know who your potential clients are going to be. In fact, it can be vital information when deciding how you are going to be marketing your services! Consultants, depending of course on the field they are engaged in, have clients from a host …

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How To Set Your Hourly Rates

Embarking on any freelance-based business can be a tricky proposition, especially when deciding on what your rates will be, and setting your consulting fees is no different! Finding the balance between what you believe your consulting services are worth, and what you think your clients are willing to pay for them is by far the …

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Finding Consulting Clients

Finding new business in any field can be tricky, and sometimes even more so when consulting services are concerned. As a consultant, you are not selling a product as such. You are selling your knowledge. You don’t have anything tangible to present, so how do you go about approaching new clients about your consulting firm? …

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How Much Business is out There?

How much consulting work and business is really out there? A combination of the tough economic situation, and the associated move by companies to outsource many tasks, rather than employ full time staff to accomplish these tasks. This means that there is a lot of potential work for consultants out there in the market, and …

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Debunking Consulting Business Myths

To an outsider, there are many half-truths and whole lies about consulting businesses that may seem plausible, even credible. This article looks at a few of those myths in the cold clear light of day, and identifies the truth behind the rumors. Being a Consultant is Easy Sure, it looks great to outsiders: standing around, …

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