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Book Promotion for Consultants

By Consulting Success

Whichever means of publishing you have selected, the completion of a book will substantially boost your consulting marketing power. Every instance of book promotion increases your consultancy’s image, brand and value. When promoting your book, always focus on promotion. If done successfully, the leads for your consulting practice will follow naturally.

As your manuscript nears completion, begin the promotion process with subtle references to targeted parties. Be sure to exert some promotional effort every day. Inside industry mentions of your book will create anticipation for your release and keep you in the industry spotlight. Every book promotion attests to the huge potential for marketing your consulting firm.

Easy and Cost-effective Ways to Promote Your Book

Internet exposure – The easiest way to market your work is on the internet. Buyers and readers are there 24/7. Your book should be promoted and sold on your consulting firm’s web site and you may consider launching a blog specifically dedicated to your new title. On this blog, summarize your themes, mention your upcoming speaking engagements and book tour events, provide download capabilities for excerpts and make sure each internet venue has an easy-to-follow ordering procedure.

Define The Book’s Market – You wrote this book to be read. Now, you must target the most likely readers. Develop a list of likely readers and structure a discount program for bulk sales. Be prepared to personalize copies for bulk purchasers. To create industry buzz, identify the top industry decision-makers and send them review copies. In every mailing, include your contact information and a prepared book summary.

Media Contact – If the media rallies around your book, sales be brisk. Get the most noteworthy industry and celebrity reviews possible and let the media know you are available for interviews. Be persistent. Typically, the media shies away from self-published work until there is a record of success.

Mail The Word – A postcard can deliver a view of your book on one side and an inspiring synopsis on the back side. Postcards announcements of your release combine visual appeal with concise language. That is generally a formula that leads to promotional and marketing success.

On the Road Again – You must be prepared to take your book on the road. Book fairs, book signings, speaking engagements, industry trade shows are all venues to market your consulting firm through promotion of your book. Rarely are such multiple edged marketing opportunities available so make the most of this well-deserved accomplishment.

2 thoughts on “Book Promotion for Consultants

  1. There is wisdom from the article’s premise that authors can gain a lot if they start the book marketing process even before the completion of the manuscript…and they can get creative in this aspect by using Internet tools like weblogs and RSS feeds to show the progress and near completion of their work to their online demographic target market. Indeed, creating anticipation bolsters eagerness on the part of online readers and could generate the so-called “viral marketing” to promote a book cost efficiently. Correspondingly, a detailed, diversified, and well planned book marketing plan is also essential.

    • Jake – indeed you’re right, the most successful books of recent times have had much anticipation surrounding the release. Often times a free chapter is posted online, or a teleseminar or webinar is held to discuss the issues – which shows the author’s expertise and generates greater buy-in.

      Established authors, well, have their names already lodged in people’s minds and as they get close to the release they start to make the rounds with media … especially prime time if they are a big name, and then their sales can really take off.

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