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Naming Tips for Branding Consulting Services

By Sam Zipursky

You don’t need to be a trained brand consultant to have your stuff together when it comes to putting out a cohesive and uniform business message to the world around you. Many of the readers of this blog have asked questions related to branding and marketing their consulting services. Today I thought I’d start small series of articles related to branding your business and being able to stand out in the clutter of information that surrounds us all. Let’s start with some naming tips today.

Memorable and Easy to Pronounce:
This is a classic one. When naming your consulting services come up with something that is easy for people to remember. Lots of consulting businesses that I’ve come across have really long names that are not only hard to pronounce but also impossible to remember. After you come up with your name test it with some friends, family, colleagues. Make sure that they can all pronounce it properly and remember it. Ask them a day later, “What’s the Name of my company?” A general rule of thumb in terms of being able to remember is the shorter the better, think Google, Nike, Coke, Gucci, Apple.

Make Sure the URL is Available:
This is something that is very crucial to your brand success. Make sure that you can purchase the URL (domain name) of the name you are planning on using to promote your consultancy. So if you’ve decided to name your company Apple Web Consulting then make sure that is not registered by any other people. As soon as your business name and URL are different you are asking for confusion and brand messaging problems in the future.

Use Descriptive Words in the Name:
This is not something you need to do but if you use a descriptive word in your name you’ll receive some great benefits. Fist off, you will have a lot easier time describing what services you offer to potential clients. So if you offer marketing then maybe you could call your company “Spot On Marketing” instead of just “Spot On”. The beauty is that without even saying anything most people already know what you offer is related to marketing. As an added bonus in this Internet marketing age – if you have a keyword like “marketing” in your URL that is a good thing and search engines like Google and Yahoo will love you for it and over the years you’ll receive more traffic for it. Why do you think this blog’s URL is what it is?

So there you have it folks, a few simple but effective naming tips for branding your consulting services. If you already have your company name and brand set up then maybe you can work on tightening it up or improving it. These tips can also be applied to most business fields so you can use them when helping your consulting clients get started in their own businesses!

2 thoughts on “Naming Tips for Branding Consulting Services

  1. Its worthy post on branding consulting services. Very much useful and interesting. Thanks

  2. Hello Sam,

    Most of the people really don’t care about these things. These are basic but very essential things which should be taken in the consideration. Your article is simple and interesting.

    Markus Baldauf

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