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Breaking Past Boundaries


This lesson was painful.

I literally had to stretch and feel discomfort to learn it.

I’m talking about my yoga practice. But the lesson has profound impact on your business and many aspects of life.

Three evenings a week I head to the local yoga studio. One of my favorite practices is called Yin.

Where you stretch and hold a position for 5 minutes.

The first few seconds are fine. Then as the seconds tick away and the stretch deepens I start to hit my edge.

This is the point where my mind is telling me to give up. That it can’t go any further.

Don’t let the boundaries that first appear to be in your way slow you down or stop you from getting to where you want to go.

Yet, my mind is trying to fool me. Because as I persist, relax, breathe and hold my position my mind realizes it has lost and my body eases deeper into the pose.

Ask any serious runner and they’ll tell you that it isn’t only about speed. It’s about endurance and knowing how to deal with the thoughts that besiege you as the pain of running kicks in. As your body feels like it’s shutting down. But it’s not. Because as soon as you push aside those thoughts and keep going, the pain you felt seems to disappear.

Our minds push all kinds of thoughts, good and bad, at us every second. Many of them are meant to keep us in the safe harbor where we spend much of our time.

Yet, if you want to experience success, whether that’s in business, with your health or in another aspect of life…we must step out of that safe harbor and instead go out into the open waters.

We must move past the tricks our mind likes to play on us and realize that rarely are things as bad as our mind makes them out to be.

You can always stretch a bit further. Run a bit further. Pick up the phone and call a few more clients. Arrange a few more speaking or writing opportunities.

Don’t let the boundaries that first appear to be in your way slow you down or stop you from getting to where you want to go.

The success you’re after is always just a bit further than you initially think it will be.

Go after it.

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8 thoughts on “Breaking Past Boundaries

  1. Jeff Griffiths, CMC says:

    I think the lesson is that if we aren’t uncomfortable in the things we do, then we aren’t stretching far enough – whether that’s yoga, doing a marathon or running a consulting business. Need to stretch beyond what we THINK is possible, and persevere to get to new levels of growth. Staying in our comfort zone is fatal.

  2. Ambassador Niyi says:

    Let me stretch further by saying, no pain, no gain. There is a price for every prize. You must be willing to pay the required price before we are allowed to carry the goods.

  3. doejimz says:

    It’s what you’ve learned from pushing your limits what matters at all. As long as you had no regrets of doing and giving up at the end, it’s okay.

    Sometimes the mind is dangerous if it keeps on pushing the physical being.

  4. We have saying in mountaineering that says, keep going to the point that pain kicks in, and continue a little further.
    Tnx for this reminder.
    Be Victorious!

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