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Building Professional Partnerships

Allying yourself and your firm to complimentary consulting businesses, or even other professional services, can greatly increase your potential client base, thanks to reciprocal referrals. For instance, if you are a pr consultant, you could build relationships with legal consultants, and financial consultants, and more. These professionals would operate in the same broader niche market as you, but be unlikely to provide the same services.

Each member of a professional partnership helps the others to find and secure potential clients, by referring them for projects that suit their expertise. The other advantages of such a symbiotic relationship are less obvious, but worthwhile noting nonetheless.

IT Benefits
While you may be involved specifically in IT consulting, these days, implementing just about any improvements in an organization often leads to a requirement for software or hardware solutions from a computing perspective.

Collaborating with a firm whose core business can help you to be able to offer easy access to bespoke or off the shelf solutions as a part of your overall offering. This allows you to gain a reputation as an all round solutions provider, and your partner to gain business.

Marketing Partners
Among your marketing efforts, there will almost certainly be a host of areas where having a strategic partnership will be of a great help. For instance, if your consulting strategy involves speaking at conferences or trade shows, an event-coordinating firm may be a very good choice of partner, taking care of logistics, while you focus on providing great content.

If your strategy includes printed materials, such as brochures, leaflets, professional research papers and case studies, or even books, developing a partnership with a printing concern will go a long way towards minimizing costs and headaches!

Whatever your marketing activities and plan, examine the processes involved for potential partnership opportunities. They will certainly pay dividends in the long run.

Global Partnerships
Another area to consider exploring is creating partnerships with consultants that operation in your niche, but in a different geographical area, or even internationally. Because you are not in direct competition, these consultants may be willing to refer queries in your area, in return for the same type of referrals from you.

Partnerships closer to home, for instance in a neighboring state or city, can offer the same benefits, however, they may be harder to develop, as it is easier to launch a new branch in the same country – so you, and your potential partners would need to be clear on expansion plans!

Integrating Complimentary Services
When developing partnerships, it is important to remember that whatever relationship you pursue, the end result needs to be benefit for both partners. A lop sided agreement, where you, or your partners, benefit more or exclusively, will be a short lived one.

Make sure that you have something of value to offer your chosen partners, whether it is a service or referrals, and that they can reciprocate, and you should develop a long and fruitful relationship.


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