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Tips For The Business Consultant

As a business consultant you must always keep in mind the following:

  • Customers are your company’s only real asset
  • Give customers what they ask for, not what you think they need or want
  • Treat every customer as if they are your one and only customer
  • Customers also appreciate praise and rewards when performance warrants it
  • Build your customer base to build profitability

Business people are accustomed to financial terms in accounting, such as cashflow, overheads, production costs, turnover, financial strategies, profit and loss, asset register and sales projections. Although service is not tangible, it can be measured. It requires research and development to produce accurate data for measurement. Make it your field of expertise.

Ensure that you are able to provide what you promise, in a dependable and accurate way. In business consulting your willingness to help customers promptly will show your respect for their time and money. Always ensure that you understand what is important to your customer, then deliver what they have asked for. Make it easy for customers to complain by listening to them, and then, be objective about their complaints.

Spend the major portion of your budget on customer service and you won’t have to spend so much money on advertising to get the customers you’ve lost back. Customers who get excellent service will be the best promoters of your business.

“True service will reap true dividends” – Gwen Gill (The Sunday Times ‘Columnist who Cares’)

It’s time to take action. Become a business consultant with the best customer service around and you’ll have distinct advantage over much of the competition and other consulting firms out there.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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