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Advertising Methods for Business Consultants

By Consulting Success
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Whether you’re just starting a consulting firm, or looking for more ways to market an existing business, there are probably numerous advertising possibilities you’ve overlooked. Here are a few methods that you might want to look into and consider.

Online Advertising
Considering that most people turn to Google, and not the yellow pages, when looking for goods and services these days, it’s certainly a good idea to consider advertising online.

Google and Yahoo, the two top search engines, both have very reasonable pay per click advertising packages, which can yield great results, as do many smaller search engines.

You could also look for advertising space for sale on popular sites, or on the sites of organizations involved in your niche market.

Another option, depending on your services and target market, is to submit your site to one of the growing numbers of online business directories. Some are free, others charge a nominal fee, but they are becoming a popular marketing choice. A highly trusted example is

Direct Mail
Desk top publishing has made putting together a professional looking direct mail piece easier than ever. And once that’s taken care of, its easy to either deliver the piece by electronic mail, or by traditional postal service.

Speak to the postal service in your area though – some allow you to choose where you want your pieces delivered, while some will target company post office boxes only.

Traditional Media
If you are targeting a specific area, geographically, the easiest way to use the traditional media is to run advertisements in local newspapers.

If, on the other hand, you are targeting a specific industry, it’s best to look for industry specific or trade publications, which cater to the industry in question.

When shopping for traditional advertising options, remember to find out whether the publication is free, or paid for, and what their circulation is like. Prices vary vastly, but the cheapest option may not always offer the lowest rate per view of your advertisement.

Charity Work
Getting involved in charity or volunteer work can be a great way to get your company’s information into the newspapers, and other media. You don’t necessarily have to devote your time, you could sponsor an event, new equipment or some other item for a worthy cause.

Not only will you be doing something to help your community, you will be getting valuable publicity too.

Press Releases
If you, or your consulting business has done something newsworthy, write a press release. Well written, interesting and informative press releases are usually welcomed by small publications, which are on the lookout for content.

Or, you could submit the press release to one of the many online press release sites.

Join Professional Organizations
There are many professional consulting and business organizations, which host events, list members’ names on their websites, and perform other marketing functions.

Joining these usually costs a nominal annual fee, but you are assured that visitors looking for a professional in your industry could potentially see your name on the members list.

Whichever marketing methods you choose to use, make sure you track results. If it’s not working, figure out why, and change it. If it still doesn’t work, try something else. Marketing is an evolutionary process, not a stagnant one!

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  1. William Belle says:

    The best keep secret for expanding as a business consultant is also strategic partnering. Here at Colure Media we partner with consultants and leverage those relationships.

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