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Business Consulting Books – A Review of 3 Classics

Whether you’re a veteran consultant, been in the business for a couple of years, or just getting started – the best way to update your skills is often by reading business consulting books.

I know, that’s being rather vague as there are thousands of them. And of those many aren’t worth their weight in any currency.

The best books on consulting give you practical, easy to use, step by step information that you can implement into your business right away.

More than that a real consulting book makes you think. It  gives you new insights and share experiences that you can learn from.

So without further ado here are three of the best consulting books out there and why I think you’ll enjoy them.

Getting Started In ConsultingGetting Started in Consulting by Alan Weiss. Weiss is one of the best known consultants around. He’s written many books on consulting – at last check over 30. The most recent addition, slated to come out in March 2009 is a great introduction for any would be consultant.

Even a veteran will likely have some dejavu moments reading this book and will find some tactic or strategy they could and should be doing to build their business, but aren’t. We all often need that reminder from time to time.

Like most other business consulting books Weiss’ too starts off laying the framework of what running a consulting business is all about. It then goes into the financial aspects. The next few of chapters cover marketing and sales – the life blood of every company.

This is a great book that takes a wide look at the consulting field – though it doesn’t focus deeply into any one area.

Boston Consulting Group On StrategyAnother great consulting read is The Boston Consulting Group on Strategy by Carl Stern. Don’t cast reading this aside just because your running a small business and Boston Consulting Group is a monster powerhouse – there is much to learn from the successes and failures of those around us.

While you may initially be surprised by the layout of this book – more a compilation of essays – the insights into strategy provided hit the mark. As a consultant or manager you’ll definitely find these useful.

One disclaimer I should add, or a warning more like it, this isn’t a book so much on ‘consulting’ as it is on strategy and a way to think about business.

The Consultants ManualIf you’re looking to start a new consulting practice, The Consultant’s Manual by Thomas Greenbaum is a must have business consulting book. It lays down some great systems and structure on how to run your business.

While it may not be as glamorous as a high flying book of consultant’s tales – this book, based on Greenbaum’s Harvard course on the subject, gives you a dose of reality as to what’s involved in the business.

There are many more. I’ll have to write up another review soon. But you really can’t go wrong with any of these books.

Hope you enjoy!


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