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What are Your Business Goals for 2010?

Sitting here on this Sunday morning a few days before the new decade begins and making lists of my education, business, and consulting goals for 2010. One big thing for me is I’m moving back to Vancouver, Canada (My Hometown) after doing business and living in Japan for over 3 years. That alone will be a big change but something I’m very excited about and looking forward to!

Below are a few goals that I have set for myself related to business and consulting, do you have any similarities?

In the comments below I’d love to hear what kind of things you folks are hoping/planning to improve on or work on in 2010? But first here’s mine…

1) Social Networking – In 2009 I really started to see the power of social media and networking. I have now become a big fan and user of both Twitter and LinkedIn for building consulting and business connections online. The key things I want to work harder on is a) nurturing relationships and connections after I make them and b) spend more time daily searching out “solid” people on Twitter and LinkedIn that I want to connect with.

2) Publishing  More – Any consultant or person that wants to succeed these days needs to do lots of publishing online or offline if you can. Whether it be via blog posts, podcasts, video blogging, or whatever one of my plans for 2010 is to author a lot more of my thoughts, tips, and ideas both here at the become a consultant Blog and over at our consulting community Advicetap [Ed. Advicetap has since undergone various iterations and is now a part of our coaching programs]

3) Using Time Better – This is one area all of us can probably work on improving when it comes to getting more done in our daily routines – Productivity.  For me the big thing is that I really need to set up a system for how often I check in on emails and my social media accounts. I love checking on both often so it is hard for me to leave them alone as I do other tasks. In the book “The 4-hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris he talks about how he only checks emails and voicemails once in the morning and once in the afternoon and it saves him heaps of time in his business day but still stays in constant communication with the people he needs to.

4) Do More In Person Networking – In Japan I did a lot of networking for the sales and marketing work I have been doing for a media company over here but I wasn’t able to network with other PR, Brand, Marketing, Online Business type of people as much as I wanted as the whole internet scene is not as big over here especially if you want to talk English 🙂 Anyway one of my goals is to do lots of in person networking in Vancouver in 2010.

I think the above four are enough to work on for now. I’d love to hear about the business and lifestyle related goals you have set for yourselves for 2010 below!


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