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Calculating Your Consulting Fee & Rate

By Michael Zipursky

We get a lot of questions from readers and people new to the consulting community about how to best set their fees. We created the Consulting Fees & Pricing Guide to provide in-depth steps and guidance to help people make the most money from the consulting work they do.

And to help you get a better grip on your consulting fees we’ve now developed the Consulting Fees Calculator. This a FREE tool that you can use to calculate how much you should charge both hourly and daily to reach your income goals.

Long-time readers of this blog will know that I don’t recommend charging clients on an hourly basis. It’s a losing proposition for both the client and the consultant.

The goal of the Consulting Fees Calculator is to give you an initial idea of how much you will need to charge to make the kind of income you want and to ensure you’re on the right track.

The Calculator is free. It’s a work in progress. So if you have feedback on it send us an email and let us know.

And if you find it useful, please share it on Twitter and Facebook, with your colleagues and friends!

Check it out here: Consulting Fees Calculator

2 thoughts on “Calculating Your Consulting Fee & Rate

  1. ravin says:

    Please advice how we should charge a clint for providing a lead

  2. ravin says:

    We have recently foamed a consultancy firm and fortunately we found an investor who would like to have a joint venture with a local partner sharing 51% and 49% respectively.the initial cost would be $ 4.0 mil. and increase it gradually.
    please advice how we shoud charge
    1.for introducing an investor.
    2.since it will be a long term project how can we be benifited can we benefit with there expansion in time to come
    we are in need to have some modules to work.

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