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Business Consulting

Are You Really a Consultant?

When I used an example of a hairdressing product representative giving expert advice in a previous article on this site, one reader commented ‘are we all consultants now?’ The term ‘consultant’ is very loosely defined and its meaning has become open for interpretation. The general definition of the word is “one who gives professional or …

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Why Your Marketing Needs Many Touches

I was doing some research for a client in the financial space the other day and came upon this research from Grant Hicks. Even if you’re not in the financial field there is a great takeaway here for marketers all around. Remember, what you read here isn’t just for financial advisors, but also for management …

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Reading Your Way to the Top

The day I picked up my first book my life changed for the better. Growing up my whole life was about sports. I played baseball, soccer, rugby, track and field and a bit of basketball. Books? No thank you. They were my enemy. I’d do whatever I could to get out of reading books in …

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Windows of Opportunity

I was on the 10th floor of a building in Osaka, Japan. I’d just finished a meeting. It went well and I was in a good mood. I got in the elevator. Pushed “G” for the ground button. The elevator stopped on the 6th floor. A guy in his late sixties got in. Ending the …

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Making Cold Phone Calls for Consultants

While you may not relish the idea of making hundreds of cold calls, by following this process you will in effect be testing your advertising or direct mail headline. By now you have identified what problem you solve; who has the problem and who can afford to have you solve it. The next task is …

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