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Corporate Consulting

How to Earn $100,000 to $200,000 For Each Consulting Project

Interview Transcript (Draft) Mike Zipursky:  Hey everyone.  Welcoming you back for another consulting interview session.  I’m Michael Zipursky from Consulting Success® and today on the show we have Steve Shu with us. Steve is a management consultant who has worked and consulted for Vodafone Allianz, Nortel, Lucent and Wolters Kluwer, to name a few.  He’s …

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The Role of the Consultant?

While there are negative stereotypes attached to the consulting profession, it is to be noted that consultants DO add value to their client’s businesses. This is achieved through various avenues. The Consultant’s Contribution Consulting assignments, whatever their nature, invariably begin with a problem! The consultant’s client realizes that there is a need, that they lack …

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Finding Your Consulting Niche

If you have decided to venture out on your own as a consultant, chances are you have a lot of faith in your abilities already, which is great. But, in order to build a successful consulting business, it is imperative that you identify and target a niche market for your services. Throwing the net wide …

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